Another Day for TS #30, this early Autumn

Absolutely, Fall is in the Air...

A very cold morning, wind swept into our windowpanes, blowing harder & harder, while raindrops make a midst.

Today, I am still at home with flu (colds, cough & fever), I was planning to have a salmon/shrimps soup w/ sour cream with a dice of parsley. It's easy & simple to make, nothing much to worry about all those complicated ingredients.

So, I would like to serve in a mismatch crystal bowls...
Gathering som fruits & veges for Vit C boosting
Green, orange, brownish, lavendelish...FALL combos & floating candles
A set of 12, vintage flatwares "Lilies" style circa early 30's, bday gifts
Iittala Ultima Thule crystal glasses for water for a simple dinner...
Lovely peacock bowl for lil lady of the house to enjoy the dinner
For the lil man of the house...
For the "Lady of the House" of course a baby pink charger, huh?
And who dare to forget "MOTH" man of the house?Soup side bowl pressed crystal, I love the flowery design
Round table clothes (green Hemtex & white NK our own Harrod's
Cotton napkins are from NK too & it seems things fall in its places
2 diff kinds of creamy cheese, cherry tomatoes, from a modified stand
I guess, my family are coming soon... it's going darker outside...

Happy TS to all participants worldwide!
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Enjoy the rest of the week & a gorgeous week-end to come...

Sunny SS #28 in an AutumnDay

Warm & sunny week-end!

It's funny to think that Fall is here. Amazingly, it's still sunny & hotty!!! Isn't that wonderful? I am so glad that I can still sit outside in my cozy gazebo with cushions while we had our snacks break in the our open porch.

I am not feeling well this week-end due to a flu. It came without any sympton. Just a lil sore throat. Anyways, it didn't stop me to chase my unbeatable activity every week-end.


Lil Liz bedroom, greated me "hi! early riser?! Well fixedm still? she's on school trip for 9 days
Sweden-Berlin-Krakow, Poland & vice versa

Almost finish lounge, welcomes me this morning!
Unfinish reading corner joined the fun too? TY gorgeous!
On my way to chase SS
I ended up to a sort of train graveyard...
This is the Stockholm Underground, no passengers this early Saturday a.m.
I don't like to look at the rail but, as today ain't busy, I dare §;-)
I got out to have a fun walk, & followed these, I guess, early shopers?
Am home? brought fresh veges & flowers with my shopping trolley
Vit C boosting to rid away my colds...NOT? fresh orange juice & homemade raspberry syrup
Waaahhh... mushrooms grew in my rose plot! Reminding me that, it's AUTUMN!


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Sunny Wetty SS#28


Hope all are well this early autumn weather. Did you notice that the weather is like me? Sunny one seconds then rainy the other? Seems it's menopausing huh? God must be crazy too? Well, that's nature. Hope you get what I mean, §:-)

Kidding aside, my dear friends, I am a bit stressy at home everytime I see the lounge upside down. GH is soo busy remodelling changing wallpapers, some new furniture (if my wallet allow me to purchase my style) but as I mentioned earlier, GH is minimalist and married to a crazy hoarder? What a perfect match!!! Hmmm... he will meet me half way in my way, or?

Well, here's some snaps I toke from Here & About... Enjoy!
I met GH filling the wall for a better outcome for the wallpaper early this a.m.
Poor lamp! really stand by still waiting her place while GH is busy...
My kitchen looks like this, ready to bake my GI bread again...
Simple but healthy... keep docs away & keep my tummy at bay...
Another healthy variation of my blueberry muffins
Cam on the train station...
While am chasing some shadows! Perfect! It's Swedish Election tomorrow...
Opps! she did it again... A Zara model for a day or two isn't bad, do you think?

Now, am rushing out to attend my friend's baby shower... I will catch you up later, precious ladies?

Enjoy the best of the week-end!!!

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Take care & God Bless...

Updating some Bits & Pieces on TableScaping

What is Wednesday without TS, gorgeous people?

I am a bit tied up with my mid-week activities plus my household chores, but, hey! am lovin´it!!! I & GH (great hubby) met an interior designer to discuss some tips & advices how our lounge will be & look like. It was a cool meeting. Hmmm... shall we go back to the basic furniture? Well, unexpensive + basic but it always work.

As me & GH have different in taste when it comes to designs, we have to compromise that the lounge will be more contemporary instead of my Jeanne D´Arc or Danish, shabby chic looks & GH is minimalistic. Best for us to meet half way. Anyways, check some of my shots...

Some shots during GH BDAY crayfish party...
Butterknife rester a crystal flower form from Kosta Boda
My crayfish centerpiece with butterflies
Now, it looks things fall to their places, a crayfish candle holder
I use kitchen towels as table napkins
More treasures here & there
Sunshine! fantastic when the wine crystal glass sparkles

Here are the sample of the palatable dishes for YOU to enjoy this day:
Special cheeze pie for the crayfish (swedish way) & my crayfish bread
Mix melon sallad & fresh crayfish


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Keep your heart in place...

Sunny Random SSS # 27th

Unmotivated week-end or Not!

After hearing the bad news from a very good friend in the US, informing that our childhood friend is very ill, I was really devastated. This young man is a very good radio announcer in the Philippines. My heart pumps faster than ever. May God send His blessings & miracles for Rockie & his quick recovery after a month in ICU.

Well, from the sad part to a good part, today, Saturday I had a good morning. I started to run for an hour while my laundry was on ... §;-) & when I came home, I had a healthy breakfast, oatmeal and a cuppa make my day, then, I decided to replace some autumn plants/flowers to my entrance pots. I am a bit busy de-weeding before chilly & frosty nights comes and even pick some apples for a new experimental apple pie. It was very delicious whilst forgot to take a photo as D´Nics grabbed without thinking. It's fresh fresh apple pie & healthy.

A nice day on the way to chase my shots... and...
... our train came the best way to commute, no chaos on traffic jam...
Infront of me, a lady was too busy doing her crochet
Then, we were starving, look for a cozy place near the bay & this was a summer snacks, Scandinavian style...simply!
Vanilla Ice cream w/ vermicelli on a hot summer day, as dessert
These guys are real doctors in their summer garden party, sweet nurse toke this pix, who's working with them. I ♥♥♥ this nurse...
The nurse I love , having a wonderful laugh on the way home...
Opppsss!!! who's this ad girl? know her? BTW, thanks for dropping by!

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What's Up?

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