Another W/end has come to an END & time for SSS

Howdy! to all over the Universe? Hope each & everyone are in the best of everything...

After a sort of busy week, the most awaited day Sat/Sun has come to an end. My Saturday was a cool day with D´Nics the whole day without encountering the 3rd World War ( U know what I mean) right? It's hard sometimes to tackle with teens, but yesterday was a great day for us. We been shopping, one of our fave race in town, §:-)

Some shots of our day with slight shadows around:
On the way to Quality Outlet just for curiousity sake, then we passed by my work
After wandering around, we felt hungrig & kebab was the choice & I found the perfect place to seat & have a lil sunshine...
Both me & Liz was really starving §;-)
Nice sunset over the Lake Mälaren...b4 we heading home

I am glad that my old me is on her old track again. My Sunday starts with a walk here & about, just to have a lil exercise during the week-end. GH (great hubby) joined along as my buddy.

Here's the simple shots...

First wink I saw was sun shines in our SPA window...
Then Mr. Spiderman came to gave me a wink & he's laying on my bubble bath, waahh!
Just outside our SPA, saw this wink too & welcome us a beautiful day!
This was how our street look like at 08.00am, peace & quite
I love to walk around at the old mental hospital where they ARE re-building it into condos
Look! who's at the other side of the bank? while an old man feed the wild ducks...
Part of the hospital buildings that are now condos... very charming
The charming alley on the way home while GH brought, look & see?
Bunch of wild flowers in hand? Loving it!
Now, home again & stayed awhile infront to see the plan for an entrace glass porch
Welcome back home... my Gucci & Burberry trench coats said!

And now, head over to Tracy to see her players.
HAPPY LATE SUNDAY TO ALL... at least I could join with Tracy.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Terrific shadows and reflections, Chie! Looks like a great time! Enjoy and have a great week!


  2. I always enjoy taking a walk with your through your weekend photos.

    That lunch looks delicious. Maybe I'm just craving jasmine rice and sheesh kebobs.

    I'm keen on the idea of turning a mental hospital into condos. What a hoot. I would definitely buy one and enjoy walking the park-like grounds.

    Glad to see you this weekend.

  3. Roligt och följa dig via bilderna, nu ser vi hur din helg varit. Bra och ha med kameran när du är ute och går, blir fina foton. Har precis ätit en kaebab här också, fast jag tog en med räkor, supergott.
    Ha nu en fin söndagkväll.
    Imorgon får vi jobba igen.
    Stor kram

  4. I love seeing how you spend your day Chie-it always looks fun and you find some great shots. I love the one of you and your daughter having your kebabs, the one of your Gh with the flowers and the sunset one especially. Happy SSS!

  5. OK, now my stomach growls...what a wonderful lunch!!! Good to hear you are doing well. The tour through your neighborhood was fun, that hospital condos are FABULOUS and so picturesque!!!

    But not in the too distant future, all will be snow covered and we'll be whining again...let's hope it stays away for quite awhile yet, whilst we enjoy our hot, hot, summer.

    Take care my crazy lil' friend!!!


  6. What can I say? That was truly an epic Shadow Shot post and I enjoyed every minute of it! You live in a very nice part of the world Chie! So nice to "see" you again!

  7. Hooray for GH! Guess you'll be keeping him for a while longer, huh? : )
    As usual, you post a feast for the eyes!

  8. Hello Richie!

    Fantastic shadows you have here. In enjoyed all of them. The food looks good. And now, I am hungry..lolz
    Thank you for sharing your weekend with us.

  9. Glad you stopped in :) Love the & food - you can't go wrong there!! Have a super weekend!
    Karla & Karrie


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