The Last SS#20 in Stockholm

YES, me & my family are going out off the country...

Time come for us to visit The Philippines. Absolutely, I won't stop posting while am there. I guess another view & ambiance, for a change.

To those who sent emails... etc, etc and wonder , I know... i know... I wasn't really active these past few weeks. Having a very complicated responsibility at work and to get ready for a long summer break with whole family isn't that easy either. I have to booked airflights, buy gifts to my family down there & so on & so forth... Yeah! seems I'm divided into half, am I?

While going down the stairs to see the new attraction at the Globe
An ice cream? I wish? It's just a bin §;-)
Another beautiful public bin shadow around the Globe
I guess am lost!!! Although the thousand street signs, someone HELP?
This is the last pix in my tour, that I like most! The squareroot?
The new Stockholm attraction is the "Skyview"
***All photos above was taken from GH's Sony Ericsson Android

Here are some shot's in our backyard! We're enjoying our last w/end
My backyard with my precious treasures...
A new mowed lawn & GH love to watch the sprinkle all over the greenies
Shadow of my open porch overlooking the raspberry hedges & my outdoor kitchen
Am not sure what my truly precious treasures arguing. Lil Liz might whine again?
That's our cubby housein the background a new renovated and will show you some pix later...
After the discussion Lil L left & GH had a relaxation time, he's worth it
Leaving you here with my gazebo & Lil L said "Välkommen-Welcome"
at the D´Nics...

Pls visit Tracy in pressing her badge to see all her players worldwide...
See U in PI...

15 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Richie.
    Här är allt bra, skönt och höra att ni också har det bra. Det blir en fin resa till ditt land. Ska bli så roligt när du gör inlägg därifrån. Jag har aldrig flugit så långt, ha nu en härlig resa.
    Kram på nationaldagen

  2. Wow, some great photos here to enjoy! Have a super time in the Philippines and I look forward to your posts from over there.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy travels :)

  3. Nice shaddow shots! Lovely back garden!
    Happy journey to the Philippines!!!

  4. Girl, what a magical life you lead in beautiful Sweden, your wonderful husband surely does need a break from the doldrums of husbandry, his well groomed yard space shows the love he has for it.

    Have fun visiting family in the Philippines, be safe and take lots of pictures...yes this summer is grand, as we busy ourselves with all the stuff it requires...GARDENING...but boy do we love the returns it gives to us.

    Have a super time lucky girl...a big hug from Iowa, USA...

  5. Gorgeous shadow shots and so varied! Have a lovely time on holiday :-)

  6. Gorgeous shadow shots and so varied! Have a lovely time on holiday :-)

  7. Your yard is adorbable with the bike by the tree! I looked around your blog and just love it!
    Your decorating style is lovely.
    Thank you for visiting my blog recently.

  8. there are some great shadows here!

  9. Have a great time in the Philippines.

  10. Great shadow shots! enjoy your vacation in the Philippines!

  11. Hello!! That is why I haven't seen you that much here in blogosphere you are so busy. My greetings to all the Pinoy when you get in the Philippines. Got to wait to your shots from there. Happy trip and take care you all! Happy Sunday!

    Shadow Shot Sunday

  12. As always, beautiful ShadowShots! Have a wonderful trip and stay safe.

  13. You always have such nice shadows! Have a wonderful time on your visit.

  14. wow...glad to know that na mag-babakasyon kayo...lahat kayo Te?

    Kailan alis nyo...? buti pa kayo...kami dito nalang muna ang mahal nang pamasahi kasi hehehe!

    Ilang month kayo doon...excited to read you updates sa vacation nyo...
    Have fun and relax on your vacation...



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