Another Sunny WEDNESDAY over STOCKHOLM on my TT #19

You heard it right! So warm & humid...

Don't get me wrong, good folks! I don't complaint of the heat. I or we northern people needs the sun. Life is more easier when it's hot over nothern Europe.

Well, I missed the TT last week, as I was just too busy at work. As a banker, from 25th of the month to 5th of every next month was the most busiest weeks. Too much but, hey! even it's a stressful job, I don't regret. My daily bread. Thanks to HIM...

A bowl w/ flowers to welcome my gorgeous friends
Preparing the welcome drink... Elder syrup
AND a chilean strawberry sparkling wine... YUMMY
My romantic centerpiece... always love cherubs
Looks too romantic dinner, then?
It's summer but I still love to lit candles.
A tiger shrimp cocktail for entré course, that will be serve in the cups
Here we are, enjoying the sunny evening
My guests aren't empty handed when leaving me... giveaways from Byredo
And of course, FORTUNE COOKIES & floating candles for life
Lit the candle of life for forever friendship b4 they leave
Then, they bid G´bye & said NaNYT...
Visit Susan in pressing her name & her badge to see all TT players.
Have a HAPPY Mid-week, everybody!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Ahhh, sparkeling strawberrywine :) Now I got reminded that it exist, I just have to buy.Hope you get time to enjoy the nice summerweather in the evnings att last. XO Katta

  2. had a party and didn't invite me! Looks like a fun time.

  3. What a wonderful flower arrangement! I love that look -- so elegant! I know your colleagues appreciated the beautiful table and goodies. I can't do a tablescape every week -- just got back from a week out of town -- but I do love to visit all the others on Thursdays!

  4. Ritchie, that looks like great fun and delicious meal. I am sure your guests has enjoyed all what you did for them. Your table looks so nice and very elegant. And elder syrup with sparkling strawberry wine is a great idea. I will make this at my home.
    Thank you so much vor visiting me and leaving that nice comment.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. 您的部落格文章真棒!!有空我一定會常來逛!! ........................................

  6. It looks like everybody had a wonderful time at your pretty table & serving the tiger shrimp cocktail in the cups was a brilliant idea.

    I'm sorry to say I can't find an online source for the little monogrammed dessert plates I used. I will continue to search, though.

    Thanks for visiting the Gazebo House.
    Oh & I wanted to say how much I liked your last tablescape with the outdoor scene. LOTS of pretty items!!

  7. Lovely table and lovely customs.
    Looks like a good time was had by
    all. I love candles too, they make everything seem more festive.
    Your centerpc was beautiful.
    Loved the flowers floating in the bowl....very elegant looking.
    Nice Get together.
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. What a fun gathering of friends! I love your pretty table and your refreshments look delicious!


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