A SPRING TT#16 during Jesus Ascencion DAY

Wednesday, a JOY for Scandinavians

You heard right! Today, we only work ½ day but am off for some doc visits and stuffs. It's a holiday in Sweden tomorrow, good folks? I strolled in the small streets of Stockholm city in a very nice & sunny day. So nice to see people around me looks so happy. Weathers really make things different.

When I came home, met GH infront of the BBQ in the open porch. He reminded me of the TT time, so I rushed in & grabbed whatever stuffs for the meme... I wasn't even ready to do this today. Anyhow, I managed to prepare just for a short time in a simple and unexpensive way.

This is what U always see in my table...whether in special occassion or not
This simple table always welcome everybody, colourful fruits...
I prepared rhubarb pie Chie's way for 2...b4 doing my settings
Orrefors flower bowl
Closer look ...
Charger is a stoneware from Höganäs & Orrefors bowl w/ birdie in it
Drinking glass is Luminarc & wine glass is an Orrefors "Black Line"
Another simple cutlery from Carlström...
A maltese crystal glass, purchased last year & make this as a tspoon rester
I C! for salt & pepper? Spice of life...
Hmmm... centerpiece, can't this be!
Wine decanter from Cervera & another Orrefors bowl for chips
More decos to make my settings more alive..
Adding more spice of the settings?
Wholemeal bread & chicken-macaroni sallad, Pinoy style, daughter LOVE it...
Rhubarb pie w/ vanilla ice cream
A lil closer for you to see, it's actually an experimental yummy!!!
HEY! almost forget the ice cream scoop, purchased in Vatican city
Cut glass spoon rester was a wedding gift from my university dean...

That's all, good Folks...

Visit Susan to see more participants of her meme... TY Susan, for the fun

17 kommentarer:

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  2. Thank you for your sweet visit -- I can tell you share my love of pink and green -- this is lovely.

  3. You really are an inspiration to me. I can't believe you could rush home and pull together such a beautiful table, cook and bake a beautiful desert. I'm so envious of you, I love visiting your blog. You make my day! Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my "REDNESDAY" post. I would be honored to be one of your fave bloggie friends, anytime. Have a wonderful 1/2 day off.

  4. Du är otrolig på och duka, så roligt och följa steg för steg. Blev jättefint, jag är imponerad hur du hann detta.
    Önskar dig en härlig långhelg
    Varm kram

  5. Oj vad vackert "Som vanligt" hehe..Du gillar verkligen glas ,men vem kan motstå orrefors?kram på dej chie o hoppas du får en fin ledig dag !kram igen=)

  6. hej hej..ja här var färgglatt och fint..härligt att se att du är lika kreativ :)trevlig helg

  7. Love love love your table!! And LOVE your fruitbowl!!!

  8. YOu table is so pretty! I love pink and green together. Putting fruit in that cylinder is such a fesh and fun idea!

  9. I ♥ your lime green spider mums for your centerpiece!!! Such a special color to go with this lovely table. Your Orrefors crystal pieces are GORGEOUS!!

  10. Oh, your pink and green table looks so fresh and springlike! The photos of your rhubarb pie with ice cream made my mouth water -- looks wonderful!

  11. Richie, you did a great looking table for rushing! I don't do too well when rushing, always forget something.

  12. So pretty! and your food looks delicious!

  13. I really like the pink and green placemats together, a nice color combination. What great food too. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your visit and look forward to your next tablescape!

  14. Fun table! Love all of the colors and decos. Where are those napkins and that pillow from? Love them.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Pink and green are so fun! The table looks really lovely ~
    Rhubarb pie and ice cream! It doesn't get any better than that this time of year!
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend! ~Maria

  16. Everything looks beautiful..I keep my salt containter on the hutch..the one I won from you...will always be a treasure to me..Our rhubarb is coming up fast and furious..will make jam soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend and your always in my thoughts.xooxRosebud.

  17. Du är duktigt...Det är jättefint...
    Thanks for dropping by...

    happy sunday for tom...
    Pag-mayplano kang bibisita nang Gothenburg pasyal ka sa amin ha...
    malapit na vacation...hehehe




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