A Mismatch SS #17 DAY In My World

TJOOOHOOO!!! fint väder...
A very nice sunny day today. Me & my fam was out in the backyard the whole day...
2 those who know me, knows that every Sat morning am out chasing Shadows
This was I saw infront of our front porch b4 I left for a morning tour
Ha! scary... I hate creepy things. I met this lil fella just a step outside my entrance
Starting my tour. This bridge is over the E4/E20During my tour, I met across my path a circus, camel? in Stockholm?
It looks am out in a countryside, seeing these wonderful horses---
I C... they're finished? K, I understand
I supposed to stepped in at the SPA, GH screamed... COME HERE!
Under the porch U see in the first pic, GH found baby hedgehog

FUNNY enough, it's not really me, having the morning like this. It's not really my type of theme but I found out animals are cuties though.

BTW, I was on the go with all my plants/ flowers today. I need to buy some pelargonias & etc. So, GH drove me to "Plantshop Tolles". I preferred to buy in this kind of shoppe rather than to a chain stores.
Oh yea! Need to overtake the lorry today? Am a bit in a hurry!
Here's the shoppe. They have great flowers & plants
Planting time, meet the farmer's wife! I show you although, my gears aren't fashion
Here they go? Liz enjoying the sun while GH murmured pushing the mower...


Drop by at:
b4 you browse further. HAVE A PLEASANT SUNDAY...

Today's REFLECTION after a year of my complicated surgery...
Taken last Friday 2o1o. Stand awhile & think what life gives U--
Taken exactly a year ago, same spot. Am standing here 2 weeks after my surgery
AM HAPPY AM STILL ALIVE, so don't forget my dear friends,
LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL & enjoy, coz life is too short to spoil it!

18 kommentarer:

  1. A busy day and lots of terrific shadow shots! Love the snail and the hedgehog! Hope you've had a great weekend so far! Enjoy, Chie!


  2. Ack, en sådan smickrande bild på mig. Tack mamma

  3. Love the shots, and the snail, very cool shot.

  4. Hi, Wow you did have a busy day. So many interesting pictures, thanks for sharing your day with us. I'm so happy that you are doing well and I love that you took your picture where your journey began! We all need to stop and be more grateful for the blessings in our life!

  5. And friend, you are so full of fun and life, you are truly blessed to know it and fully take advantage of it.

    We're all glad that your surgery was a success and you can move forward and be the beautiful, caring person you are...even though a little crazy...I like that!!!

    Beautiful picture of you btw...happy weekend!


  6. I agree with what you said on the last lines! Love the snail shot!

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  7. Så varmt väder ni fick, här hade vi sol igår em, nu regnar det igen. Härligt och kunna sola en stund. Och vilket djurliv, tom. kameler hittade du. Vi var också till en plantskola igår, men jag köpte bara en hink. Hjälpte svärmor och bära jordsäckar. Fint foto på dig, skönt att du är så pigg och glad nu.
    Ha en fin dag vännen
    Varm kram

  8. Wow I can't believe the variety of animals you stumbled upon this week! I love them all! Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  9. Hej goaste du.
    Det var länge sen jag besökte dig nu.
    Men har tänkt på dig alltså.

    Så söt den lilla snigeln var. Det är en vinbärssnäcka. Snäll och fridfull av sig. Hoppas du flyttade på den så den inte blev påkörd av någon bil hihi.

    Det var en massa djur här hos dig idag. Kameler, hästar och så lilla snigel.

    Tänka sig att det är ett år sen operationen. Det har gått fort.
    Hoppas du känner dig helt ok nu.

    Här har vi idag spöregn och lite kallt. Det bådar inte så gott inför morgondagen då. Då är det 17 maj. Då ska vi fira hela dagen. Med glas, gå i tåg, vifta med flaggorm sjunga, äta korv. Leka och bara må bra.
    Men kommer det så mycket regn i morgon så vete sjutton...
    Finns inte de regnkläderna som kan stå emot skyfallet som kom nu...

    Nu får ni ha en fin dag hos dgi.
    Sköt om er och ta vara på dig.
    Kramen Synnöve.

  10. It looks more summer over there than here!
    Off to the pool I go now! Less than a week to enjoy life and go to have ready made breakfast - then (hopefully) starts our normal, daily life...

    Happy SSS and have a great week ahead!


  11. Hej jag igen. Kupan är inte i järn, är mycket lättare. Men det är någon sorts metall, är målad svart. Och jag sitter inte så mycket som man kunde tro här vid datorn, mest blir det på söndag och torsdag fm.
    Ha det gott

  12. I noticed immediately your pretty sandals hehehe. It looks good on you!! So your kind of busy today..nice shadow shots!! Thanks sa dalaw I do appreciate it. Happy Sunday!

    Shadow Shot Sunday

  13. You always find so many wonderful shadows. Lovely post:-)

  14. Hello Richie, firstly...good to know you are in good health! Love the snail pic, if I see them here, they will be squashed! We dont have hedgehog here..only at certain places..have a great week ahead.

  15. How can I not know you had a surgery? Glad to see you cherish the moment. It is so important to be hapy to be alive ;)
    x desiree

  16. 動不一定每一次都成功,但坐而不行,絕無任何成功可言.............................................

  17. Hejsan
    Länge sedan sist. Jag har verkligen inte följt med alla bloggar på sista tiden, men hoppas allt är bra med dig?
    Kram från jämtland

  18. Tack för titten hos mig! Vilken härlig blogg du har.

    Önskar dig en riktig mysig helg!
    KRAM Anna


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