From Here To There SS #18 On Lizah's Dance Recital

Am I late? Yeah right, girl, I am, indeed...

But, hey! isn't it better late than never? Ok...ok... I just want to say that I am very busy after I was confined for 2 days for some observation... CT scan & those stuffs.

Today & tomorrow (Sunday) is lil Lizah's dance show from her dance school. Of course, to chase those perfect shadows, I went for a walk from home to the train station (underground).

This is my backyard where I use to go to bus/train station
I passed by my home-made bird's bath waiting for birdies to come
Across our house is our forest area & saw this funny chair
Whoohaa.. who's kiddo's bike that left behind, in the middle of the forest?
B4 I crossed the road to underground, my eyes cathes this...
When I arrived in the city, the castle guards was on change shifting...
While w8ng for Lizah's dance show, the theme is: "what you read?"
Juaquin, one of the dance teacher, welcome us all...
As we can't take pics during the show, I toke just when it started
Then, when the show finished! Liz is at the back, left side §;-)
On the way home to met GH that pick up us...
When GH told Liz, "sushi for dinner", a pivot sample while GH on his car
Well, good friends, it's 10 past 12am, so I say Nanite to ALL...
But b4 anything, don't forget to drop by at:
to see all the players of SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY...

20 kommentarer:

  1. The trees in all settings are wonderful for shadows. The horses leave great shadows, as tall as the animal is in the parade. We had many a dance recital when Allegra was younger and took dance lessons - to see her in costume always make the parents happy and proud. Nice family and neighborhood!

  2. Yes, I had two dancing daughters and went to many recitals! Wonderful photos, lovely shadows, Chie! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Godmorgon.
    Är uppe med tuppen här.
    Inget härlig solväder, men det kanske det blir så småningom.

    Det är skoj att dansa. De ser så otroligt pigga och glada ut. Måste vara det att få röra sig till musiken.

    Här är det röd dag i morgon med så vi njuter helg ett tag till.
    Ha det gott min vän.
    Kramen Synnöve.

  4. I love your shadow shots. And your from"Here to There" was great. Thanks so much for sharing photos of where you live.

  5. A very fun and mixed collection of shadows! All very cool! Your backyard looks very sweet. I don't think I've ever seen an all-white bike before! The way I hoon around on my pushie it wouldn't stand a chance of staying white for long. Have yourself a wonderful week!

  6. Oh, I remember the days when my younger son danced - it was always so exiting to see him on stage!
    We're finally out of the hotel - 1st night slept in a new house...strange but we slept well...

    Happy SSS from Casa,
    have a great week ahead!


  7. Hope all is well with you on this beautiful Sunday in the states and hopefully certainly make the most of a day into the city and the guard on horseback would be fun to see.

    I love your birdbath, I have plans to make one myself...

    Have a great day, go play in the yard, that's where I'll be, donning my red garden gloves and rake...see ya!


  8. Du tar bra skuggbilder, fint fågelbad du gjort också. Och det var kul och se din dotter, förstår att du är stolt när hon dansar. Hoppas din helg varit bra, här kom ett åskväder med hagel nyss. Men nu är det sol igen.
    Ha en mysig kväll

  9. What a great day for shadows! You had quite a hectic day!
    The shadows were wonderful! Looks like the recital went really well.

  10. Hej!
    Vilka fina bilder du tar, speciellt skuggbilden är häftig! Tack för kommentaren om min krona, du frågade vart den är köpt och jag faktiskt gjort den själv! Jättekul att du tyckte om den! Ha en fin kväll! Kram Helena

  11. Åh, vilken härlig bild på cykeln under det blommande trädet med små ljuslyktor i! Jag förstår att det måste ha varit en mysig dag för er.

    Tack för din hälsning hos mig!

    Hälsningar, Helena, The Swenglish Home

  12. Vad många fina och spännande foton du tagit på din Stockhoömspromenad och vad roligt med dansuppvisning med dottern. Du skrev hos mej att du varit på Mathilde, visst är det underbart där jag blir nästan salig när jag är där. Ha en bra vecka, kram Katta

  13. a lovely selection of shadow shots!

  14. Hi My Friend, I have been busy too! I hope you are feeling well. I love your pictures and especially the dance recital, so cute. Take care...
    Hugz from "here" to "there"!

  15. Good work Richie!! You caught the dancers at just the right time to get a perfect Shadow Shot. And that horse shadow is terrific too!
    Happy SS to YOU!!

  16. Hi ya that pivot :) and as usual, all your SSS tells a wonderful story.

  17. Lots of great shadows here! I always loved the dance recitals:D

  18. I love your shadow shot posts - they're always so entertaining and full of interest.

  19. I bumped into your blog when I was googling Jumbotel and since then I keep on coming back :) but this is my first time to leave a comment and I can assure you it wouldn't be my last. Great post and have a nice day med din familj :)

  20. What a wonderful bunch of pictures..The recital looks great.
    Shadows are great too..
    Have been sloppy visiting, but I always return. Computer and I are having my visits are slow..Have a great weekend..


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