Just around & About on my SUNNY TT # 18

A quick post for my shots this week's Tablescaping...

Week came so quick, isn't it? I thought it's still Wednesday today, therefore I wait to join on Susan's mem every Thursday.


Yes, a cozy moment for 2 in my blooming soon garden:
While I am gathering my things to prepare for todays shots...
I tied and wrapped a decor stone to keep lace tablecloth in placeNow it looks like things are dropping one by one in place. A 21 yrs old teapot
while the tea strainer is Conran

More collections in place
Either lemonade, water nor Irish coffee are served, just give me the order
No blooming flowers, as of yet, so I brought Marc Jacobs instead!
My guardian angels always follow me
U know which is mine here & GH
Vintage silver creamer & sugar jug
I love to add some blings in my tablescaping
Sun is going down & still we have a nice & warm early evening
About 10pm, candle sparks
Another view, adding wool plaid as it's geeting colder about 11pm
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From Here To There SS #18 On Lizah's Dance Recital

Am I late? Yeah right, girl, I am, indeed...

But, hey! isn't it better late than never? Ok...ok... I just want to say that I am very busy after I was confined for 2 days for some observation... CT scan & those stuffs.

Today & tomorrow (Sunday) is lil Lizah's dance show from her dance school. Of course, to chase those perfect shadows, I went for a walk from home to the train station (underground).

This is my backyard where I use to go to bus/train station
I passed by my home-made bird's bath waiting for birdies to come
Across our house is our forest area & saw this funny chair
Whoohaa.. who's kiddo's bike that left behind, in the middle of the forest?
B4 I crossed the road to underground, my eyes cathes this...
When I arrived in the city, the castle guards was on change shifting...
While w8ng for Lizah's dance show, the theme is: "what you read?"
Juaquin, one of the dance teacher, welcome us all...
As we can't take pics during the show, I toke just when it started
Then, when the show finished! Liz is at the back, left side §;-)
On the way home to met GH that pick up us...
When GH told Liz, "sushi for dinner", a pivot sample while GH on his car
Well, good friends, it's 10 past 12am, so I say Nanite to ALL...
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A Mismatch SS #17 DAY In My World

TJOOOHOOO!!! fint väder...
A very nice sunny day today. Me & my fam was out in the backyard the whole day...
2 those who know me, knows that every Sat morning am out chasing Shadows
This was I saw infront of our front porch b4 I left for a morning tour
Ha! scary... I hate creepy things. I met this lil fella just a step outside my entrance
Starting my tour. This bridge is over the E4/E20During my tour, I met across my path a circus, camel? in Stockholm?
It looks am out in a countryside, seeing these wonderful horses---
I C... they're finished? K, I understand
I supposed to stepped in at the SPA, GH screamed... COME HERE!
Under the porch U see in the first pic, GH found baby hedgehog

FUNNY enough, it's not really me, having the morning like this. It's not really my type of theme but I found out animals are cuties though.

BTW, I was on the go with all my plants/ flowers today. I need to buy some pelargonias & etc. So, GH drove me to "Plantshop Tolles". I preferred to buy in this kind of shoppe rather than to a chain stores.
Oh yea! Need to overtake the lorry today? Am a bit in a hurry!
Here's the shoppe. They have great flowers & plants
Planting time, meet the farmer's wife! I show you although, my gears aren't fashion
Here they go? Liz enjoying the sun while GH murmured pushing the mower...


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Today's REFLECTION after a year of my complicated surgery...
Taken last Friday 2o1o. Stand awhile & think what life gives U--
Taken exactly a year ago, same spot. Am standing here 2 weeks after my surgery
AM HAPPY AM STILL ALIVE, so don't forget my dear friends,
LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL & enjoy, coz life is too short to spoil it!

A SPRING TT#16 during Jesus Ascencion DAY

Wednesday, a JOY for Scandinavians

You heard right! Today, we only work ½ day but am off for some doc visits and stuffs. It's a holiday in Sweden tomorrow, good folks? I strolled in the small streets of Stockholm city in a very nice & sunny day. So nice to see people around me looks so happy. Weathers really make things different.

When I came home, met GH infront of the BBQ in the open porch. He reminded me of the TT time, so I rushed in & grabbed whatever stuffs for the meme... I wasn't even ready to do this today. Anyhow, I managed to prepare just for a short time in a simple and unexpensive way.

This is what U always see in my table...whether in special occassion or not
This simple table always welcome everybody, colourful fruits...
I prepared rhubarb pie Chie's way for 2...b4 doing my settings
Orrefors flower bowl
Closer look ...
Charger is a stoneware from Höganäs & Orrefors bowl w/ birdie in it
Drinking glass is Luminarc & wine glass is an Orrefors "Black Line"
Another simple cutlery from Carlström...
A maltese crystal glass, purchased last year & make this as a tspoon rester
I C! for salt & pepper? Spice of life...
Hmmm... centerpiece, can't this be!
Wine decanter from Cervera & another Orrefors bowl for chips
More decos to make my settings more alive..
Adding more spice of the settings?
Wholemeal bread & chicken-macaroni sallad, Pinoy style, daughter LOVE it...
Rhubarb pie w/ vanilla ice cream
A lil closer for you to see, it's actually an experimental yummy!!!
HEY! almost forget the ice cream scoop, purchased in Vatican city
Cut glass spoon rester was a wedding gift from my university dean...

That's all, good Folks...

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What's Up?

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