SPRING or NOT on my SS # 13

Hello my dearie Bloggie Friends!!!

Yes, another week has come to an end again & of course SS is in my VIP list to do this week-end as I didn't cope up last week-end. I was really so busy coz it was my daughter's 18th birthday. With a 25 young teens coming last Saturday wasn't easy for me. Baking, cleaning & preparing all the things they need, whooo hooo---

Anyways, this is another week-end and I have some shots to share with you today---

B4 I went to dooze off early last night...
Blow off all the candles, pls? GH reckoned--- NA--NITE---, then early this morning,
We had a sunny morning ...my candle holders say "howdy Frau?"
My cookie/cupcake stand wants to join the fun too! In my kitchen bench
My homemade bench awaits me early in the morning...
A glimpse of the plump tree & my candle lanterns hanging

This is a sign of a Springtime... bikes around...
Of course, sweeping & cleaning the street is one good sign too...Having a sand-free streets is very spring-y sign, isn't it? Shadow? just subtle underneath
Ha ha... most of all, when I see GH being so busy with his chores. It's SPRING TIME
Greetings to ALL, A HAPPY SPRING WEEK-END, says my snowdrops!

B4 you browse somewhere, head over to our dear Tracy at:
Thanks a million Tracy for giving us an enjoyment & look forward on week-end...
HAPPY 100TH POST DEAR TRACY, ON YOUR SSS. I have 13? well, for this year, k?

22 kommentarer:

  1. That was a lot of great shadows! :)

  2. What a great bunch of shadow shots!! I love them! Hope you're having a great, spring weekend!! Enjoy!


  3. Ja nog är det vår när man bär ut trädgårdsmöbler och bilen som sopar upp sand kommer. Vädret var lite sämre idag, blåst och kallt. Har precis varit ute och plockat ihop saker som blåst ner och iväg.
    Det är alltid så kul och titta på dina bilder.
    Stor kram

  4. love those shadowy interiors and the bike shot is great - my favourite..

  5. The top candle shadow is great, looking like a tiara or a crown. The look of Sweden without the usual snow is promising - it is now safe to ride and park bicycles without snow on the ground. Getting your yard ready for summer entertaining means the Nordic Winter has finally gone!

  6. Girl, you just get the biggest thrill out of life, it's always such a joy to visit, there doesn't seem to be anything that gives you the blues...keep it up, we need more fun, happy peeps in this rotten ol' world.

    Finally warm weather and my garden is in full flight and my sweet lil' gardens gloves show the signs of it, I'm a little pig when it's garden time, but my fingers are clean...and my new Valentine gloves are not, but I think of you every time I slide them on...which is every day...cool huh!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend in the sun!!!

  7. All lovely. I particularly love the bicycle photo.I hope this is a more restful weekend for you.

  8. A buffet of shadow shots! :0) I love the dreamy evening ones especially - very atmospheric! Have a great week!

  9. Lots of beautiful scenes there, and nice gentle shadows.

  10. You have some interesting shadows... I loved the morning shots! Thanks for visiting today, I really appreciate it,Joan

  11. Your photos are wonderful...loved the peep into your life...thanks for the visit...and happy b'day to your daughter!

  12. Wonderful shadow shots. Beautiful use of light.

  13. A great selection of shadows this week. My fave is the row of bike shadows! A party of 25 teenagers at your place must have kept you very busy! Glad it was you and not me is all I can say ;D

    Have a super week ahead!

  14. Spring over there too! I'm so happy for you!
    Sweeping the streets is a promise of the summer! :)

    Happy SSS!


  15. excellent series of photos, I love the third one and also the one with the bicycles against the fence

  16. love all these amazing shadow imagesx have a happy weekxlynda


  17. Wow! Happy birthday to your daughter and congratulations to you. I'm sure her party was spectacular.

    Wonderful shadow shots as usual.

    Paz xoxox

  18. You have found so many wonderful shadows!

  19. You have a delightful collection of shadows this post! I especially love the bikes against the fence ~ really nice!

    Kindly, ldh

  20. What a great number of shadows!

  21. I just came across your blog. Your photos are beautiful.


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