A real coffee break for TWO in my front porch on TT #14

That's right! Another week & day come & time for fun...

I had a quite p.m. today, as lil daughter was in her dance classes until 8pm. Means calm and quite. However, it's a bit too quite and sort of dready feelings though.

When hubby came home, he rushed to changed his working clothes, ready to finish his project. I am not sure if I dare to share this without his permission, so keep on looking next time!

Yeah, as we're alone home and GH started to get busy, I was just thinking to have a cosy coffe break for 2 after a hard days work.

The biggest glass I have at home, purchased a couple of yrs ago
I put the Boda Nova crystal plate as a side servingplate
As you may see, I am a bit romantic, so a breadlinen basket is a must here
A close up pic! Can you see the hand embroidered cross? This is very special
bread/cookies basket purchased a year ago in Valetta, Malta

Symbol for St. John's cross
Guardian Swan's will be my centerpiece, sort of?
My territory. I am a layer lover... so to speak?
Another angle... a glimpse beyond is GH territory
Ice cream bowl from Luminarc, purchased in Paris & spoon by Terence Conran
Sideplate is stonegoods from Höganäs, famous Swedish product
Shot glass from Estonia & drinking glass another Luminarc
Viewing every piece of my simple collections...
Added some spices decor to make this more appealing...
Statue of St. Mary is watching us & giving us all blessings
Now, wishing you all the best of everything in our TT
Hope all blessings shower into our tables this week!
Hey, good Pepz... don't forget to head over Susan to see all her player's.
Hope YOU enjoy comingb in my simple abode... don't 4get keep on looking for my next post. SURPRISE..SURPRISE!

17 kommentarer:

  1. How romantic this whole idea was. It seems like a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day. Very sweet.


  2. Så ni myser och har det bra på verandan. Ska bli kul och se vad maken pysslar med för projekt. Jättefin brödkorg med Malta-korset på, du har så många fina saker från olika länder.
    Ha en härlig dag min vän
    Stor kram

  3. Oh vad mysigt det är där ute ,förstår att du vill njuta så fint som det är där !!Önskar dej en underbar torsdag o helg !!Kram=)

  4. What a great idea. I love it. Be blessed. Cindy

  5. Now that seems very cozy for two at the end of a day! Very pretty!

  6. Hihi, väldigt fint och mysigt mamma! Du får fixa en stol till så kanske jag också kan joina? ;)

  7. I love all your blue and white, and it looks so inviting on that pretty white table! A lovely collection!

  8. Your blue and white combination is so soft and romantic...lovely. Thank you for your visit today.


  9. Wow, that is really a romantic setting, Richie!

  10. The candles give out such a romantic glow. Love that little nook, very intimate. Beautiful stuff you have. Too bad I have not met you in Blogland 2 years ago cause I was in Stockholm, or we could have met personally. You have a beautiful country.....Christine

  11. What a lovely tablescape! Love the blues all set for two!

  12. Hello Richie, as usual, you have lots of beautiful stuff at home. Happy weekend.

  13. Love how the blue pops!!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday~~

    Kay Ellen

  14. I see you are a blue glass lover too. Wonderful way to end a busy day.

  15. What a nice tablescape with all the blöue glasses on it. That reminds me to the sky on a hot day. Somehow happy.
    Greetings, Johanna


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