Blessed Easter on my SSS#11


Yes, hope each and everyone of us have a wonderful & Blessed Easter and found heaps of bunnies & eggs to welcome the year's SPRINGTIME.

Today, 3rd of April is our 21st year wedding anniversary too:
April 3, 1989 at Paco Park Church, Manila

Today's Shadow Shot around & about!
Subtle shadow of my soap & hand disinfection in my washing sink
The view on my backyard, 3/4-10 at 9am & my gazebo skelleton
When D´Nics are on the way out
The other side of the backyard, taken b4 we left to church
My christmas tree (sorta) shares his part too...
The cherry tree seems happy now & show her shadow gracefully
Escalator on the way to church in Sta. EugeniaKingsgarden/Kungsträdgården in an early Spring day
At the left side of the church, locates our head office, where the dealing room is...
And of course, D´Nics 4evah, greet U all a very Happy Easter
This is what you see on our table. Awaiting for some some Swedish witches...
Swedish tradition (Påskkärring)
Blåkulla a place where witches gather during Maundy Thursday
Above All, we send our sincerely thanks to our dear friends in life:
Eva is a famous Swedish writer, just finished her book and out in the market now.

Tracy, thank you for the fun...

Philippines Good Friday:
The penitents are in real but they were examined b4 to perform the crucifixation

28 kommentarer:

  1. What a beautiful bride and couple you are...still going strong after all those years and hopefully many more!!!

    I love your zest for life, the colorful way you celebrate it and the little details of everyday life in your world. Isn't it wonderful how this lil' meme has brought so many souls together to share the simple things and of course the shadows of our lives.

    Be well AND PARTY ON little friend!!!


  2. happy does fly by doesn't it...thanks for the shadow is always a pleasure.

    happy Easter.

  3. Happy 21st wedding anniversary!! And happy easter to you all!


  4. Happy Anniversary to you both, Chie! And what a lovely collection of shadow shots for the day always a fun tour with you!! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  5. We will be married 24 years in May, and it never gets old!

    The declining snow is a nice thing, we need Spring to intrude...You are soooo tall, at least in shadow!

  6. reluctant to leave,
    snow huddles in the shadows
    like unwelcome guest
    Shadowy Toilet!

  7. Happy anniversary to both of you Chie. Love all the photos!

    Please come and see my fitness shadows, happy easter!

  8. Happy Easter Auntie Chie! Much love from your boys and A-M in Australia.... and Happy Anniversary too! Love your shadows this week! A-M xx

  9. Happy Anniversary - you are beautiful! I love your shadow shots today. Thanks for visiting me on my very first time to join in the fun.
    It is spring here in Georgia, USA and very warm. The flowers and trees are beginning to bloom.

  10. happy anniversaryx love your shadow images...amazing collectionx lynda

  11. You have some terrific shadow shot here! Sending wishes for a very Happy anniversary and many more to come!

  12. Happy Anniversary Richie!
    Love all of your shadows you found this week for us - you always find an unexpected one or two for us!
    Happy Easter!

  13. Congratulations and happy anniversary to you both. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in February and I still can't believe it, until I look at our grandchildren!

    Have a very happy Easter.

  14. Fantastic collection of shots. Happy easter.

  15. A fun collection of photos and a big congrats on your 21st wedding anniversary Chie! Woohoo! I hope you, hubby and the rest of your family have a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  16. happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing these photos

  17. Happy Anniversary. So cute to see your wedding photo!

    Looks like it's warming up where you are. No more shadow shots of you knee deep in snow.

  18. Grattis Richie på bröllopsdagen igår. Ni har hållit ihop i många år, hoppas det blir många fler lyckliga år. Jättefint fotospel du bjuder på.
    Ha en fin påskdag
    Stor kram

  19. I salute to both of you 21 yrs together happy anniversary...!
    I hope you have a nice and calm easter week!

    Greetings from Göteborg...


  20. What a great collection of shadow shots!
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter!

  21. En fin fortsättning på påskhelgen önskar jag dig!

  22. Thank you so much for stopping by. It was lovely to look through your blog and discover such an adorable love story. Sweden is a gorgous country...I visited Stockholm and the archipelago about 15 years ago. The memories are still strong and beautiful. I'm glad you've found your true love and it's nice that you can stay in touch with your family in the Phillipines by way of your fun blog. You're a winner!
    Cyberhug and Happy Spring,
    Becky in USA :)

  23. A Verry Happy 21st Anniversary! Your husband's shirt rivaled your dress in pizazz!! Also, lots of great Shadow Shots.Happy Easter Monday.

  24. Love the header picture...absolutely beautiful!! You are still a stunner now and as usual, those good Asian genes have done you well, you never seem to age! Happy week ahead

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  26. 人必須心懷希望,才會活的快樂,日子才過得充實,有意義,有朝氣,有信心。........................................

  27. Happy Easter, even though I am late.
    Was so busy getting ready for our and freezing food for a week..When everyone is here..there is a total of 18 people, counting grandchildren..Always a fun/happy time and when they leave we sit in this big house..just the two of us.
    Anyway..Happy Anniversary too..I am late with all my wishes, but they are all filled with love..


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