Tablescaping on SNOW on my SS #9 Day...

Isn't that funny that I started so early this time? Well, as you all know, US & Europe have 9hrs different. So, that's the reason I am always late at Susan's game every Thursday.

Then at "Hey Harriet" on Shadow Shot Sunday (Saturday in EU)? These 2 ladies made me addicted on memes- Well, sort of! I do love tablescaping since my younger age. I have a Bachelor degree of Hotell & Restaurant & Tourism Management. Both in the Philippines & Sweden. So, no wonder, huh?

While chasing shadows? I came across Tracy since I started bloggin almost 2 yrs ago. Since then, I am fascinated every shadows I encountered. Wherever I am, whether it's dark or sunny, I still chasing & enjoying every minute.

So, here's my shots to both fav meme's in my blogging world & hope you 'll enjoy the simplicity...

Be my guest, good pepz? This way, pls?
Opps! have sit here? Dare to? kidding...
I have this book awhile ago but I didn't mind to browse through it, till I re-arrange my reading bookshelve last week-end. I found out there's so much interesting Asian designs and I really found in me there. It happened I showed this last week-end while having my breakfast outside.
Candle glas is from Iittala, a famous Finnish company that I loveWhile my silk runner is from American Store in Stockholm.
The lace cloth was purchased at IKEA and my rooster was from Italy
Yeah, an hand painted & I love this pitcher. Have story behind it.
Cotton napkin was well sprayed of starch & ironed so well. That's me!
I want to share the goulash soup a´la Richie outside, this beautiful day, And check it out! my soup bowl is a lionessa (LEO my zodiac sign) from Åhlen´s
I do love my soup spoon which I purchased at Duka for 2 decades ago
I always adore oblong plates . Here I use as charger. Useful when you have bread and other food fittings...
Yes, I just said, fttings or accessories! I use a whisky crystal glass, as drinking glass today. Iisn't it adorable when sun shone on it & gave me some sparkles? Pretty!
Well, what is tablescaping w/out centerpiece, huh? I decided to use my figurine I purchased in Lithuania. The tall vase is from Kosta Boda w/ faux flowers & my pearls.
To make more dramatic touché, I added my serenading figurine I purchased at Harrod's in London, way back.
As I have lust playing today, I thought I have to play more than I need. I added this rosary which I purchased in St John's Co-Cathedral, Malta last year when we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. This rosary is dedicated to honour the 5th death anniversary of my dear daddy today 17th March.
A glimpse of it all...

Don't forget to press the logo to visit Tracy & Susan & her players
And a wonderful SHADOW CHASING...
Sorry for not visiting you all last week-end. So busy with the wedding thing.
Thanks GOD it's over...
Blessed me

34 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Chie, your treasures look so beautiful in that perfect, crisp, white snow. I showed hubby and his heart skipped a beat... he loves snow too! A-M xx

  2. I envy the lucky person that gets to share this beautiful table with you. Love all your special touches and the stories behind each. Have a blessed week!

  3. What a beautiful display..You have such wonderful taste..Have to admit, was shocked at all the snow.
    Glad we had a very gentle winter..every now and then this happy it was this year.
    Have a great rest of the week..and Happy Anniversary to your dad in Heaven..xoxomuch love/Rosebud.

  4. Oh what a beautiful setting. Blue and white just gorgeous.

    ..and no sign of spring in your part of world.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Cute icy winter table! Love that rooster pitcher! Your soup spoon is very pretty.

  6. Oh my goodness that was fabulous!!~ Really it was so pretty, and so different! Thanks for stopping over, as it lead me to see really brought a smile..Have a great day!

  7. I enjoyed your post. The blue was so pretty against the bright white snow!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. OMG! It looks very cold. I don't think I will join you for a drink cause I do not like cold places. But it sure is beautiful and your table accessories are gorgeous....Christine

  9. Härliga bilder från ett vintrigt Stockholm. Skulle gärna sitta i din vinterträdgård och äta soppa. Soppa är en favorit här hemma. äter vi en gång varje vecka. Du har dukat så vackert med det blåa och vita mot snön. Det avlånga vita fatet var så fint.
    Ha en toppenhelg
    Goa kramen

  10. That is really stunning in the snow. I have often been frustrated so with the lighting in my house that I wanted to put the table right out in the snow to capture the natural light. I also love your bistro set!! I am dying to get one, so chic.

  11. SO pretty with the snow!!! Maybe spring is coming here. It is warmer, but nothing green anywhere. THanks for stopping by:-)

  12. What a charming collection you have made a beautiful and welcoming table! The blue and white after the snow is just stunning..I love all the things you have used!


  13. wauwwwwwwww I love the first 3 pictures! how amazing are they! the whit on white looks great and with the little blue touch! I think these are one of your most beautiful pictures
    Have a great weekend!

  14. what a wonderful sequence of shots - I love that second one particularly

  15. Fantastic shadow captures, Chie! Love those crisp, snowy ones! I, too, love your touch and words, too! Hope you have a great weekend!


  16. Always so much fun to wander through your Sweden...I won't be sitting in the snow on my swing though...nice and cozy inside with a box of tissues and my first cold in two years...there's some nasty bugs out there right now and I caught a doozie!

    Enjoy your goulash soup, it sounds so yummy, though I probably couldn't taste looks mahvelous dahling!!!


  17. It will be proper weather to dine outside under the sun - in a couple of months. The table setting is absolutely beautiful. even if a cold day. Pretty winter shadows, but it isn't warm enough yet. Your scene allows us to imagine May and beyond...

  18. So beautiful to see this tablescape and all of the lovely pieces against the snowy backdrop. Very nice job!

    A joy visiting with you!
    Kindly, ldh

  19. Visiting the pictures and enjoyed all the shadows..always a fun visit with you..xooxhugs/Rosebud.
    Happy SSS.

  20. This was a fun read! I can see you enjoyed setting this post up!

  21. Tycker din uteplats där ser mysig ut, tänk med en varm fårskinnsfäll att sitt och dricka något varmt på.Så vackert med alla dessa blåvita saker i snön, ditt radband är jättefint.Kram Katta

  22. Wonderful job and cool in more ways than one.

  23. what a lovely snow setting you have created...thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi Mommy Chie, ok lang here. Lage, pa-beauty jud kay unsaon nalang....daghan kaau pollutants sa environment nga maka-cause og premature aging.

    ganahan kaau ko sa imo table setting. :-) thumbs up!

  25. Not playing SSS but came to say hi!
    You have Iittala -> you have very good taste for design! :)

    Have a great day!
    (we're packing....)


  26. Beautiful! Truly beautiful!

  27. Too lovely Chie!!! All that finery against the snow is so pretty! Super shots!! Hope you have a terrific week ahead!

  28. lovely photos, the reflections and shadows are wonderful and the blue against the snow is very beautiful

  29. Lovely items in a lovely setting.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  30. wow! you are so creative. lovely shadows and china.
    please stop by to visit me, I am celebrating two years of blogging with a giveaway.
    : )

  31. awesome, awesome shots!

    have a great week.


  32. I adore your outdoor tablescape. You have an amazing eye for shadows and design! Scenery reminds me of the movie, Dr. Zhivago. Thank you for sharing--and thank you for taking the time to look at my contributions, as well, Chie! Blessings!

  33. I adore your outdoor tablescape. You have an amazing eye for shadows and design! Scenery reminds me of the movie, Dr. Zhivago. Thank you for sharing--and thank you for taking the time to look at my contributions, as well, Chie! Blessings!


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