My busy Saturday with Dinner & Earth Hour on my SS#10

Bättre sent än aldrig!

Just det... det sant. När jag har kul så glömmer jag mina memesar i blogsfären. Lika kul att härja ut i verkligheten som jag är ute i cyber rymden. Jag var ute för en gångskull i stan och det är mycket folk som tokhandlar. Grrr...jag blev stressad att se dessa människor som stressar sig, knuffar för att vara först i kö och drog kläderna för att ha den rätta storleken. Men men... så är det, löningshelg var den.

Just right! Better late than never with my LONG post...

B4 I left home I spotted these collection in my kitchen & said, "A.M. LOTH"
Ha! LADY OF THE HOUSE? hurray... thanks kiddos---
Ah! sunshine on my lounge, See you soon, then I rushed out?
Here's my sunny morning rushing to the nearest trainstation
Whoo--waah! who's that girl? See her? She's getting taller, eh? I wish!
To my international readers, just to inform you, that world's largest
Metro art and architecture exhibits is in Stockholm? Yes, every station has it's arts
This station shows, how the world trade (världenshandeln) started


I love the Kingsgarden station, it got a frenchy theme, with arts & theatre

London have Harrod's, Stockholm have NK... cost fortune but you get what you wanted here...

I had a very funny week-end that I forget to post my participation on Tracy's meme in time. "What's new?" GH mumbles. Yeah! I am always late but "I have fun!" I shouted it back §;-) I have a great time being out in reality as I am out in blogsphere. Don't you? I was out in town, videlicet--- for one time sake on week-end. *Pulling my hair* too much people in town, mind you? I forgot, it's payday last Friday!!! No wonder, good peps? ARRGGHH--- I feel so stressed seeing them rushing, pushing who will be in the first queue and hey! grabbing stuffs on Spring sale. Ha ha... shall I join? Nope! I don't have time coz ladies are coming at my place for dinner and wait for world's manifestation, "EARTH HOUR". So, join my fun time chasing shadows.
My day after my trip!

Busy as I can bee §;-) indeed, ladies are coming soon for dinner and we're going to joined the Earth Hour, so, tablescaping and food preparing...

Keep your glass the whole night? U have ur own jewel, can U see what ur looking for?
Subtle? Don't you care?
Reflexes yummy stuffs...
Seems, my ladies are hungry. Didn't mind my reflection...

Where's the food, girls?
The glittery fireplace with my wonderful tulips
Decor on mantel join the fun too...
Lastly, dining table with sparkling candle makes a cozy ambiance

Pls drop by at Tracy, to see her players

Blessed me*

11 kommentarer:

  1. OH MY...I love the metro grotto, how cool are they...I see you still have mounds of snow that last blast you got was a doozy! Ours is completely gone and now we wait for the flooding to recede.

    The sun is shining, but a cool wind blows...however, I'm sad to say that my pretty new garden gloves and rake are now covered in black Iowa soil, yes, I was out transplanting lilies...can't help it, it's in my blood.

    Have a wonderful week ahead my little friend from abroad...did I forget to mention CRAZY...ha! Takes one to know one...see ya!


  2. lovely shadow shots and looks like you made the most of Earth Hour too

  3. Det var roligt och följa dig genom lördagen, du hann mycket. Roligt med gäster, och svårt och hitta maten när du släckte. Vi hade också släckt alla lampor, bara cd:n var på.
    Ha en fin start på påskveckan
    Stora kramen

  4. How wonderful! And Good for you, observing Earth Hour! I hope a lot more people did too.

  5. Love the shadows Chie and especially love the art on the underground!

  6. Wow, you have so many beautiful shadow shots. I love the one on your lounge and the underground photos.

    Have a great week and thanks for the visit!

  7. Oh Richie - Kingsgarden looks wonderful - and such striking shadows! Wish we could have attended your earth hour party - what a super idea (we'll have the steal that one for next year!!)
    Have a super week!

  8. So nice stopping by to enjoy all of your photos! I love the tulips! You have a fun place here!

  9. Everything is cool and beautiful at your place. Glad you participated in Earth Hour, we walked around and my son kept asking why is everyone's light switched on? Well, not everyone is so participative over here...unfortunately. Great shots as usual.

  10. Hej vännen.
    Härligt inlägg, men jag såg inte bilderna.
    Hoppas däremot att det är bra med dig.

    Nu ska vi slappa av lite här. Med nått snadder till tvn om en stund.
    Kramen Synnöve.

  11. Oh I love all your pictures of the art in the Metro. Amazing! Good to see the sun shining for you and that you had a great dinner party. Take care Ax


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