Snowstorm on my SS#6

Snöstorm hela helgen, tjoohoo!!!

Absolut fint väder -14 minus grader och oväder. Jag håller inne iaf och fortfarande kryar. Näsan bara rinner och huvét dunkar. Nåväl... jag njuter varje minut i det varma huset med brasan tänds och en kopp kaffe i handen. Vad ska man begära mer? Jag är nöjd, ändå eftersom jag har inte gjort ngt utan bara ta det lugnt hela dagen. LATAR MIG HELT ENKELT.

Scene when I came down in the lounge...
I was really happy when I saw my corner lamp
Then, a reflection in my stove slab from the letters
Perfect for my kitchen
In the other end, you can see my cloche & my chinese tea jar
The cute flowery bowl set with the jar give me a wink

Other half of my cloche share her graceful shadow
Sorry folk! Am starving & need my breakfast...
LOOK! see it? well, the best I could share
Indeed! It is a signal #2 due to a snowstorm coming the whole week-end. It's -14 deg below, whirlwind outside and bet me if I lie. Snow is up to my thigh *well am Ms. Shorty so no wonder. But hey, snow is up to my neck soon if it won't stop snowing the whole night. Weather prognosis: that Monday will be up to -21 deg below, so no spring yet what I can see in my sight.

Anyways, I am having a problem chasing today's shadows so, I desperatedly run around IN my poorman's house chasing for perfect one. Luckily, found som subtle & non-subtile, so just enjoy my contribution this week-end good peps? I better shot more photos for my portfolio, in case in time like this I won't find nice shots for my meme...

Excuse me if I get you more in my private life §;-) Anyways, I don't have anything to hide. Apart my tupsy turvy abode. Just bare with me this week-end.

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A happy w/end to All, stay warm or stay cool...
Blessed me

41 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely collection of shadow shots for the day! Amazing how many and where you find them once your start looking, isn't it? Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. You are just too have a wonderful home and I love the new header you have too.

    I only wish my home were as neat...when you don't have a garage or a work area, your kitchen becomes that work looks like a soap factory most of the time, but at least I can get up in the morning and have a short commute to the stove and I can make soap in my jammies if I want!

    And Scratchy never complains!!! Ahhh, the life of a single woman, no one to make me clean up my mess, though my guilt forces me to daily!!!

    Have a great weekend, take heart, we're supposed to have snow the next 3 days, you aren't alone!!! But spring is close...right?!


  3. Opppps nabitin ako sa entry mo this week, dati dati kasi madami hehehe. Have a blessed weekend Chie.

    Flowers in the Walkwaysis my contribution to SSS.

  4. Good job of finding shadows on a day with no sun.

  5. You found wonderful shadows all about your home! Your refrigerator looks just like mine... ketchup on the door and all :)

    Nice visiting with you today!

    Kindly, ldh

  6. A lovely collection of shadows!!

  7. You find good shots inside as outside! Me like!!

  8. Always fun to visit your beautiful home..I wouldn't go out either.
    Our snow is starting to melt, but they say another storm is on the way. Woe is me...
    Have a wonderful weekend and sending love/Rosebud.

  9. Hello There!

    Sweden right....Hu är läget?
    Här är det snökaos i Göteborg..
    found your blogg att Rose blogg comment...nice to be in here in your blogg..hope to keep in touch with you and a friend...

    Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden

    Ha en skön söndag!



  10. Enjoyed your shadow photos. Great "EAT" letters. laurie

  11. You live in a lovely home with loads of great shadows! LOL those shadows in the regrigerator! Very cool!

  12. You cannot be too prepared for a big snow. The refrigerator is full, and you have lots of wonderful items that leave shadows. Your home looks comfortable, the cold and snow will allow you much comfort on a really cold and snowy day!

  13. My goodness Chie - that is super cold!! I can't imagine it quite frankly! Stay warm and safe! You have done very well shadow wise considering the weather - very nice as always!

  14. Great collection of Shadow Shots even on a snowy day.... You did GOOD!

  15. I love the personal touch. Very nice job. Such a warmth to your home. Great job.

  16. I like your home. Why do you call it a poor man's house?

    I like all the shadows you've captured inside the house.

    I hope it warms up soon for you.

  17. hello Richie! We just love that fridge shot - how funny - we'll do anything for a shadow, won't we???
    Stay warm & dry...we get our dump of snow tomorrow night - we'll be the ones digging then!!

  18. My mother told that in Finland they have similar weather. She's inside too! :)
    We could all come to your place and have a great breakfast together - you seem to have everything in your fridge! LOL!

    Happy SS Sunday from Cairo!


  19. Well done shadow hunting. I like the refrigerator shot the best!

  20. Happy SSS
    Shadows are in the strangest places, who would have thought to look in the frig? Very good!

  21. You and your husband look cute in the wedding photo in your blog header.

    Love the warms colors in your lounge room.

    Looks like you'd better stay inside during that storm.

    Hey my husband is a ketchup fan too! I am more of a mustard fan myself. I guess he and I make a good combo:)

    I finally got my shadow shot up.

  22. You're always so creative with your indoor shadow shots. I love what you've captured here. Enjoy your week & I hope no more snow storms blow your way. Sunshine instead!

  23. Hoppas din förkylning går över snart, bra att du vilar och tar det lugnt. Roligt och få se lite bilder från köket, du har bra ordning i ditt kylskåp.
    Ha en bra dag vännen

  24. Great series of shadow shots. Love all of them.

  25. Hej Snuppa.
    Fina bilder.
    Hoppas att du kryar på dig snart.
    För det är härligt ute med vintern.
    Men att som du sitta inne och gotta sig framför brasan med en kopp kaffe är inte dumt heller.
    Kramen och go bedring.

  26. You've found some great shadows!

  27. Love your shadows.. And I say no more snow

  28. Så du är snuvig ännu, min lilla dotter är med snorig och det för hur många gånger i vinter vet jag inte. fina bokstäver du har där, EAT ser ut att kunna användas som skålar med. Ha en bra vacka,Kram Katta

  29. It sounds mighty cold - but your shadow shots are wonderful, as ever! Stay warm, stay safe . . .

  30. Love collection of indoor shadows ... I would stay indoor too if it was so cold here :)
    Hope you get better soon!

  31. A lovely collection! Loved the picture of you in your last post with all the much...looks cold! We are having such warm weather here - so different! take care Ax

  32. nice blog^
    visit me please
    see a beautiful indonesian

  33. Hoppas du mår bättre nu och att du haft en skön helg!

    Kram, Lotta

  34. hello got some beautiful award for you..hope you like it?

    ha det gott!

    Khim i Göteborg

  35. I'm glad you chased and caught the shadows.

    Paz ;-)

  36. I really like the letters! Apologies for commenting so late - this week has been hectic!

  37. Hej
    Hoppas du blir frisk snart.
    Ha en fin helg.
    Kram Zara


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