Simple Valentine's Day on my SSS #5 & the VD winner...

Wahh... snöar igen!

Jösses... det snöar och det blåser igen! Känns det kalla vinter trivs och stannar lite till hos oss. Jag är inte direkt vintermänniska men när jag ser omkring mig, blir jag faktisk glad med den glittriga omgivningen som fångar mig i famnen. Tycker Ni inte så? Ta på bara dem riktiga vinterkläder och allting går bra ändå om man fryser.

Jag var hemma igår/fredag eftersom magen krånglar. Väl, hela familjen fick det vinter magsjuka men tack och lov att den är inte värre som alla vi känner som fick den. Vi tar det lugnt hemma idag och gick inte ens ut för att jaga dem skuggorna som jag brukar göra. Men men... fick lite grann runt omkring hemma.


GH went down first this a.m. and lit vanilla essence candle
to met me in a bright Saturday drizzling morning...

This bouquet of roses is so pretty... GH is lovely hubby, indeed
2 heart candle holders were lit on our mantle when I got down.
I love the pearls and the reflection of the silver fot of the holders

Can you see it? A royalty lantern §;-) looks crown around it

To those who love chocos, be my GUESTS...& to those who love eco sweets just grab at the right heart bowl. The greeny thing is caramell pomelo rind (peel), not sure in english word, yellow is caramell ginger, good for cough & colds & the orange one is caramell papaya. Well, this might not the one we're interested for, I know... i know... but if you really want to see? It's just there, under the glass bowl cover showing it's subtility.
And of course, lastly, just letting you good peps that this is the place where I do & create my posts every Satuday. Much LOVE while making them and what interested me is the reflection on my DIY table which I wanted to share to all of you my dear bloggie friends.

Thank you ALL for always coming to my simple and humble home. Hope eveyone is enjoying although I don't really have nothing special to share with you. But am proud being a clean and pure blogger in heart. Million thanks once again. Hope you won't get bored coming by.

Hey! b4 you proceed of your travel, pls don't 4get to head over at:

Tracy, thanks once again...
Am enjoying your game every week-end.
Hope you keep up till we get 100 yrs old §;-)

Yeah right! Am still very lazy. Drizzling, windy and chilly? Whott? well, yes! Anyways... it seems Mrs. Winter still want to stay with us for awhile. Looks she's enjoying to see us enjoy or whining in her winterland. Am not really a winter enthusiast, however, I really love and appreciate the crystal glitter like surroundings we have nowadays. Makes me glad somehow. So beautiful & very dramatic. Just put on the right winter gears and everything will be alright. Don't ya think, Ladies & gentlemen?

As you can see my post today, it's not outdoor as you usually see. Today, am not really in the mood to chase what I wanted every week-end. I was at home yesterday from work, due to tummy probs. D´Nics aren't feeling the best. So, we decided to stay in bed then GH got up earlier make coffe and waited for me to get down, so we can chase some shadows around at home.

Shadow---shadow your there too?
who's the luckiest of them all?
Who is ready for spring?
Enjoy gardening in spring to come!

Always take care your hearts...

45 kommentarer:

  1. Your husband is quite sentimental, and has left the lovely details that are so thoughtful. He cares and loves, and is not afraid to say so, in many ways. You are a fortunate lady, the great GH youe true love...

  2. Have fun chasing shadows with your hubby. How nice that he brings you coffee and gives you flowers.

    Pretty shadows in the candles' glow.

    This is a lovely and sentimental post! Thanks for visiting me today.

  3. What a lovely husband you have! Delightful captures and there is a lot of love in them as well as lovely colors and shadows! Have a great weekend! Happy Valentine!


  4. Beautiful shadows..and beautiful home. Very cozy and full of love.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day..keep warm.
    much love/Rosebud

  5. This is a fun blog you have! Happy Love Day!!

  6. Wonderful post..and a Happy Valentines day to you

  7. You came up with lovely Valentine pictures! Beautiful! Enjoy your day and thanks I'll take a hearty chocolate!

  8. Aww, your husband is such a sweetie! Beautiful shadow sequence as usual:-)

  9. Lovely shadow shots and very beautiful post but you don't play fare; I cannot take my bonbon.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Ohhh mycket kärlekstema..jättegulligt!! Har du haft en tävling o så har jag MISSAT den ..Attingens oxå ,typiskt men men jag får skylla mej själv har inte heller besökt dej så oft så klart man missa mycket då !!Hoppas du o de dina blir bättre snart o krya ..Stor kram till dej Chie!! ..KRAAAAAAAM <3

  11. Very sweet Valentine Shadows! Cute heart shaped dishes too... I pick the chocolates :)

    Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Lovely romantic hubby you have Chie! And I love your beautifully simple computer space with Love on the rail. I want to try those eco sweets-they sound yummy! Hope you feel better today. Happy Valentines day to you!

  13. Happy Valentine's Richie!! Your decorations look so romantic...those pearls are a nice touch by the light of the candle!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Great shadows. What a lovely way to celebrate with your husband.
    Happy valentine's Day!

  15. I love the area you have for blogging! So clean and neat and tidy and pretty! The flowers your husband gave you are so gorgeous!! I think he's a keeper!! :0)

    Happy happy Shadow shot Chie and of course Happy Valentine's Day too!

  16. I was trying to remember what GH refers to and then saw your previous post ... Great Husband ... cute way to call him! I would call him that too just for making coffee and lighting the romantic candles.

  17. Lucky Sharon!

    I love your space where you blog from. It's gorgeous! And thanks for the offer of choccies. I took a big handful.

    You comment about us all continuing to blog until we are 100 made me chuckle. I'm having visions of us all blogging from our retirement homes. Sweet! What's the bet that we'll all be moaning about tasteless mushy food food they serve us ;D

  18. ooh, what a romantic post! Happy V-day...
    I love your desk, cool!
    I hope Mr. Winter soon says bye bye because most of the people have had enough.
    In Cairo we suddenly got HOT weather,
    +29C (84.2F) !

    Näkemiin! Bye!


  19. Hej. Hoppas du är bra i magen idag. Och att ni inte får alltför mycket snö, tur att du gillar när det snöar. Fina bilder som vanligt, jättesöta glashjärtan har du.
    Önskar dig en fin Valentindag

  20. I do not like chocolate at all. Oh but I really like ginger! Tasty.
    Happy SSS and Valentine's Day too.

    Congrats to Sharon on winning your contest too.

  21. Beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by, and happy Valentines Day!

  22. Dear friend, there is nothing simple about you, your zest for life fills your blog pages and gives us all a glimpse into your world of happy, happy times...a wonderful husband and family, a beautiful home and a joy in your voice and thoughts that makes us all smile!

    Then...OMG I read my name...I had to read it twice and it's for real, just in the nick of time when I'm dreaming of gardening and the spring that follows...all of my tools are bundled away in the shed awaiting the first glimpse of warm soil, so this will be the perfect addition to my are truly a dear heart friend...and I'm sending you a smooch from across the seas and a big ol' Iowa hug!

    Thanks again, for everything!


  23. Happy Valentine's Day!...great photos too!

  24. Happy Valentine sweet little Chi.
    x desiree

  25. Vad roligt att du vill vara med i min utlottning.

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your romantic shadow shots. Happy Valentines Day.

  27. Mycket kärlek här! Ha en bra start på veckan!

  28. Hej vännen.
    Här har vi inte firat alla hjärtans dag.
    I ren protest! Det är bara en vinnare när det gäller den här dagen. KÖPMÄNNEN!
    Vi firar det varje dag istället. ger varandra små gåvor när vi minst anar det. En klapp på kinden, en lapp i matboxen. Ett kort i posten och så forstätter vi hela året.

    Har inte förstått detta med att ha EN dag för att vi ska våga visa våra känslor.

    Sitter med förkylning och feber.
    Så vi får krya på oss både ni och vi.
    Bamsekramen Synnöve.

  29. funny girl..härligt att se att du bloggar för fullt::)) sköt om dej

  30. Wonderful post! Happy Valentine's Day!

  31. I like the contrast of light and shadow in your shots.


  32. All beautiful shots! Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for stopping by :-)

  33. Happy valentines day en dag för sent! Hoppas ni är friska nu!

    Kram, Lotta

  34. Vad roligt att du vill vara med i med in utlottning! Alltid roligt att få lära känna nya bloggisar! Hoppas du hade en mysig Alla hjärtans dag med familjen och ha en underbar fortsättning på veckan!

    Kram Elin.

  35. Hej igen,
    självklart att du får ha mig på din lista, jag sätter upp dig på min! Alltid roligt att få nya bloggisvänner och när det gäller språket så ger övning färdigheter :P Man finner så många fina personer i den här bloggvärlden och det betyder så mycket för mig, för här finns det omtanke, respekt och glädje, det som vi behöver mer i världen. Så det är inte bara dessa vackra saker som vi har gemensamt utan delar varandras vardagliga saker som sker naturligt för alla. Det känns skönt att kunna få det stödet och råd!

    Ha en underbar Semladag!! Kramar Elin.

  36. you have a very loving and demonstrative husband! you are one blessed wife!

    i like your blogging corner! I like your DIY table! you really love white! :)

    Thanks for dropping by and God bless! :)

  37. What a special decorations. Hope you had a lovely day

  38. Sounds like your Valentine's Day was just perfect Chie! Your dear Hubby is a gem.
    Millie ^_^

  39. you got a lovely home... i can tell from your photos...

    thanks for sharing them...

    dont wanna missed anything of your post so I´ll add you in my blogg list...




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