Thursday Tablescaping

I give my first shot for today's meme...

Yes! a new year with a new theme, isn't that cool? I hope my knowledge of table setting will last.
I love my table sets beautifully to feel my guests & family welcome.

This setting was prepared by me during the New Year's dinner at my place. My cousin's and their families gathered together to welcome the new decade.

All photos uploaded here are pressable to a larger view:
My decors are Capo di Monte, bought in Napoil, Italy. Whilst my dinnerwares is from Vilroy & Bosch was purchase sometime ago. The silverwares is sterling bought from NK 22 yrs ago, first year I moved to Stockholm, Sweden. My white tablecloth is from Åhlens & the organza cloth is from Tiffany. All local stores.
Candle holders are SIA as well as the simple wine glasses. I found the angel ornaments for giveaways from Rusta, our Dollar Store type in Sweden. Chairs are Gustavians. The wine decanter is Kosta Boda Crystal and was a gift from Rod Stewart when I met him early 90's when he stayed at SAS Strand Hotel as I was their VIP host. I was working then at that hotel .

Hope you enjoy my simple scaping as a beginner.
Thanks Susan for hosting:

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  1. Hejsan

    Passa på att besöka oss, Articsisters, nu under helgen. Vi har stor REA på samtliga stämplar. Vi öppnar upp med 50 % rabatt. Ett perfekt tillfälle att fynda fina textstämplar inför tillverkningen av Alla hjärtansdagkorten. Vi har REA från fredag den 14 januari till söndag den 17 januari.

    Välkommen in MVH /Cecilia

  2. Jag kommer ihåg den dukningen, så vintrigt och fint. Jag gillar dina söta änglar som ligger på varje tallrik. Ser på din termometer att ni har minus 5 i Stockholm. Det är lagom, då är det skönt och vara ute. Jag är ledig idag, ska fortsätta sy gardiner. Ha det gott vännen.

  3. Godmorgon denna varma sköna fredag.
    Har bara 14 minus idag så det blir en ny långpromenad igen.

    Här sitter man och njuter av din vackra dukning.
    Jag kan inte duka så fint ja...
    Vet nog inte helt hur man får till det. Tar en kurs av dig hihi...

    Hoppas det är bra med dig och maken.
    Sitter och slappar inne och njuter av ljus och en god kopp te.
    Ska snart ut och ge mina småfåglar lite mera mat. de behöver mat i vinterkylan.
    Kramen och go fredag på dig.

  4. Hello Chie, happy new year to you and family :) that is most beautiful and inspiring tablescape i have seen, simple and yet elegant. i wish i had one like that. you are lucky to have snow, i have heat here. keep busy with crochet doily's, it has become obsession. sending you warmth and happiness. enjoy your new year and all the best to you and family. take your breaks at work, very important. :) cya Monika

  5. Very nice tablescape, love the centerpiece. Great job, thanks for visiting.

  6. Great tablescape. You did a good job. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it.

  7. good job to start the year in that way! Lets hope there will be many more evenings like that for you and your family in the new year ;)
    hug desiree

  8. I'm so glad you stopped by. Your table is lovely. I would love to see your centerpiece close up I love Capo di Monte. It looks beautiful. Great job.

  9. A lovely table, and that angel in the center is beautiful. You met Rod Stewart? How fun! laurie

  10. Thanks and the angel is stunning too. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. What a lovely table! Your angel is very pretty and ooks very elegant with your setting.

  12. A beautiful way to put your centerpiece together!

  13. Your table looks so lovely Chie - I want to sit down there straight away!
    Millie ^_^


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