Sunny Week-End on my SSS#4

TJOOOHOO!!! en SOLIG dag...

Verkligen--- hela veckan i storstaden var kallt och mörkt. Jag hade problem att komma till jobbet nästan hela veckan. P-tåget var alltid försenat. Växelfel eller igenisat spår. Just det. Var förvånad jag blev (ironisk). I torsdags tog det nästan 2 timmar från Älvsjö till Rissne där mitt kontor befinner sig. Anledningen? Ngn banarbetare hade blivit påkörd vid Karlberg station. Vilken flytt? Men igår fredag, dagen blev så fin och härlig solig dag. Jag skulle träffa min PT för en liten träning men avbokade §;-) (hoppas han läser inte detta inlägg). Just det! på min lunch, jag gick ut och tog en timmes promenad och blev så glad att få se den efterlängtad "SOL". Kände att jag vaknade upp till livet. Kanske lite vit-D försade in i kroppen? Vad vet jag?

Idag, lördag, GH och jag fick inte riktig sömn. Dottern var på fest och sms:ade att hon vill bli hämtad 02.30 sen 03.00 vi åkte vidare för att hämta en god vän och skjutsade på Arlanda. Kom hem 05.00 exakt. Vi blev väckta av grannen eftersom han meddelade att vår gatan har ingen ström. VAD? nu? det är ju -12minus? Tack och lov att ngt fas i ledningen som fungerar går till spisen, ugnen och kylskåpet.. Lugnt--- jag kan laga mat ändå och kylskåpet fungerar. Förutom, eldpannan... brrr... nu börjar bli kallt även GH eldar öppenspisen och många värmeljus är tända. Beräknat: 14.00 ska ledningar fixat. Vi får se!!!


My day on Friday on my lunch break...
See the sun shone on the building where I work?
Reason, I can't met my PT for the sunshine §;-)
On the way to the train station, this is what you see, snowpiles around.
I am glad to see what am looking for. SEE that?
Hey! lil man gets taller on his shadow? he he... he didn't know that I toke a pic
Opps! not keen I have mine too? I supposed to take the bus stop cabin
But, hey! no regrets... good shot, at least you ask me?
This was the scene I had Friday at 18.30hrs on the way home.
Can you see the moon & the 30h/hr sign's shadow? Love this...

Life went on at home on sunny Saturday...
My vintage Iranian crystal chandelier, yelled at me b4 I went downstairs
Sun shone on my stairs & I love the cleanliness of the 2 tints of white colour...
This is our 30sqm porch still covered with snow as sun shone on it!
Garage roof full of snow & ice dripping with a glimpse of sunlight...
Front porch. See the stair banister also covered with snow as well as my candle holder/lamps.

Indeed--- just rewinding my week. Well, not bad, though our transportation had problem the whole week. It was really pain in the ---! Imagine? from where I live to my office took almost 2 hrs? Use to take me 46-50 mins, and take note, it was -13 deg below zero. The thing that makes me glad was yesterday Friday. I supposed to met my PT for gym time but I cancelled it as I saw that it was heavenly sunny day. I went out for an hour walk around the vicinity where my office is located and it was so nice seeing the sun shone on me. Makes me feels so healthy. Guess the vit-D §;-)

Today, Saturday at 02.15am, GH & me went to pick up lil daughter from a party and 3.15am drove my dearie cos to Arlanda Airport as they're going home in the Philippines. Went to bed at 5.30 am & after 4 hrs, our neighbour rung the doorbell to informed us that the area where we live don't have electricity. Another day of what & huh? Think, you go downstairs and it is cold & your central heater don't work, brrrrr--- however stove and oven works, inspite of all the probs. HURRAY! Anyways, at 2.30pm everything's back to normal. And voilá! here I am and can post for today's SS contribution.

Hope you won't get cross-eyed reading (in case you do the readings) my long post today.
My flaws and whines... Well, enough for that, but b4 everything else,
head-over to our grandmother of SSS meme:
Tracy, million thanks for the enjoyment you showered to us every week-end...

25 kommentarer:

  1. Great collection shadow shots for the day! Does look cold!! Love the reflections!! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!


  2. You always have lots of shadows to offer to us. I love the icicle shot!

    Princess Shadows, have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! I am overwhelmed by all your cool shadow shots!

  4. We are in love with yours steps Richie! Love it! Wow - we aren't going to complain about the cold here....not when it's colder there - yikes - then no heat for a while...glad to hear that it's warm again, in the house at least!!

  5. A walk outside to enjoy the sun was definitely a good choice. I would have skipped the gym too.

    You two-tone white steps photo is elegant and an artistic photo.

    Ouch! 2 hours to get to work. Hope your commute is shorter soon with working wheels.

    HaHA! I have caught shadows of strangers too.

    Enjoy your weekend:)

  6. Sweden seems so beautiful with the cold fresh snow sits on the ground. A photo artist has to enjoy snow, especially with the artistic shadows that may be captured. People grow somewhat with winter shadows. Your office is a nice building, and your home is so lovely with that mix of sun and shadows. The captures are so nice, and happily the electricity is back!

  7. Wonderful pictures and so happy to read all your adventures. Missed you and hope to visit more often.
    Happy SSS.
    xoxo Rosebud.

  8. You were able to find many beautiful shadows this week even in the very cold weather. I have enjoyed stopping by to visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  9. Boy, you have way more snow than we do, but a little is way too much, guess I'm just not a winter person, I just tolerate it and can't wait for it to be gone...but at least we've seen the sun and that's all I've asked for at this time anyway!

    Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm and sunny and Miss Chique you are always sunny!

  10. Brrrrrr, it looks very cold. I am glad I am not there, lol. Beautiful chandelier!...Christine

  11. Wonderful series of shadow shots. Each on different from other.

  12. You are so brave to go out to capture shadows in those temps!
    I really like the one of the stairs!!
    Happy SSS to you.

  13. So, you STILL have a lot of snow but it looks nice and white and the shadows look nice. I like the icicles.


  14. Gosh you were a busy little shadow shooter this week. Such a cool collection you've shared here, and it's nice to hear that you had some sunshine. Although it does look very chilly!

    Stay warm and enjoy your week ahead :)

  15. Hej. Vågade inte lämna kommentar på ditt förra inlägg, visste inte om det bara var för dom som är med i utmaningen. Det var fina foton från ett snöigt Stockholm. Hoppas nu att ni fått tillbaka strömmen, det blir fort kallt inne annars. Jobbigt med alla tågförseningar, det blir lång restid till jobbet. Och grattis till befordran på jobbet, det var kul och höra.
    Må så gott
    Goa kramen

  16. Thanks for sharing all these shadows! Looks like you had even more snow than we had. Oh yes it is inconvenient for transportation.

    Enjoy your week!

  17. Beautiful series of shadows in lots of different places and in different lights!

  18. My mother sent me a txtmessage that they've got half a meter more snow!
    So There's a LOT of snow everywhere!
    But soon it comes - spring!

    Have a great week ahead!

  19. A lovely collection of photos, giving us a glimpse of your life!

  20. Thanks for sharing all your outdoor and indoor SSs! I like the icicles and your gorgeous chandelier!

  21. Stopping by to say hi! stay warm and hope more sun shines on you!

  22. Great pictures :-); by the way, thanks for the message left on my comment box :-); it helps when someone shares their pain and sufferings; I am just worried that I might lose my kidney again :-(. I had a transplant 3 years ago.

  23. 量力而為,別勉強了,Cut your coat according to your cloth..........................


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