Mid-week is here and usually, I love it! Reflections & Dreams is my theme, of course!

I am thinking that most of us (especially we, Ladies) reflects, discuss, battle every day trying to balance life, one way or another. How to manage hobbies, motherhood, work, career path, friends, economy and even our relationship…just name it! Do you feel guilty towards colleagues, when leaving work early to pick kids up at school? Do you feel guilty towards your kids because you are coming late to take them home? Are these reasons for just being a woman or just being human? Currently, as I mentioned, I was assigned as “Converter” in Securities Settlements Dept (bank) where I am connected. That means, 81 markets (countries to be exactly) in a row, Monday through Friday I should be in my office to learn all the processing of all markets and even their laws, a challenge itself. It does not make easier when I start early and finished late and sometimes no time for lunch. However, then you can always come with creative solutions? “Where there is a will there is a way.” It is not that what they say.Having great colleagues helped me come up with solutions that would help me address my needs. We decided that we would work on active but fairly markets, when things slowly start to fall into place, we continue with those complicated ones. That worked perfectly for me. Of course, demanding for everyone, but for a good cause. I truly believe I am a better mom, wife and a colleague when I am challenge at work & myself. I really believe in quality over quantity. Of course, being I, I like challenges. However, life abroad compare to where I came from is more complicated and full of changes & challenges, things became even more interesting – to say the least. Why make things simple when we can complicate them? ;-)

Hope dear readers, you see me (slightly) how I am after reading my reflection of balancing life.
Do you sit sometimes, think & wonder and reflect or dream about whatever maybe in your lives? Isn't it relieving? I feel so relieve, any away.

Keep looking & stay warm!!!

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  1. Tack för din rara hälsning hos mig. Jag kommer gärna tillbaka. Kram/Ingela.

  2. I know how you feel. I'm a new mom and I've been struggling with balancing everyting. I always feel guilty leaving work (or missing work) to be with my child... and i hate that!


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