Crayfish On My 3rd Tablescaping

Hello Everybody!!!

Another week had past and here we are again joining Susan's meme every Thursday. As you observe, I am a new comer trying to cope up with all wonderful tablescapers around USA and some international participants.

Always Enjoy Peps! Wherever Your Are...

Nothing really special with my contribution this week. Hopefully, you enjoy the glimpse of a simple asian woman living in Sweden.

Preparation for crayfish mingling...
Simple setting for anyone who want to join...
Simple centerpiece from NK, pearls from Glitters & wine glasses from Cervera
Fresh Swedish crayfish
Big platter purchase at IKEA & stand at Pralin (local design store)
Parmesan pie & cheese to suit the crayfish with special dip is a must...
PussyCutz & an Etophian guest...
Bowls are Swedish crystals Nova Boda
Crayfish bread in my own style & special taste...
Black dram glasses purchase at Cervera & crayfish thongs & napkins IKEA
Choco cake, own recipe for dessert...
Cake stand was my 30th bday present from a dearie aunt

I supposed to post for another Valentine tablescaping but I run out of time setting in time as I have a business plan to attend. So, I ended to show you the way Swedes celebrate a crayfish party.

Now head over to "Susan" at BNOP to travel around to her participants globally!
Press the logo to link directly to Susan's blogsite...
Thank You for all the blessings on our tables...

14 kommentarer:

  1. How you can enjoy yourselves!! Delicious!

  2. Hi,
    I love your Crayfish tablescape! It's fun to see what other people do each week and I'm glad you stopped by my blog to say Hi. I'm excited to see what fun things you will be up to in Sweden!

  3. so cute, that bread! My son would love this, I will have to show him:) Thanks for stopping by:) Debbie

  4. Those crayfish look delicious--especially with that loaf of country bread. You and your friends look like you are enjoying it all! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! --Delores

  5. HI there and thanks for stopping by my blg today and leaving me such a nice comment! :)

    Your party looks amazing! I love the bread! Hope you had a fantastic time.

  6. Hello to Sweden! Your table looks so festive even tho it's an average day. It all looks sooo yummy too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you come by often. Now that I know where you are I can visit.

  7. What a fun table! Isn't it such grand to see so many different styles and taste? Looks like you girls had a great time....thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Cool! I would love to be there for sure, anytime there is food...I am always game. Happy weekend Richie :)

  9. Your crayfish table is lots of fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I've never seen so many crayfish! Do they taste like lobster? Love the crayfish shaped bread - perfect! That chocolate cake looks super delicious too! Glad you joined in for TT!


  11. Originally from Louisiana, my mouth waters looking at the delicious crawfish!! Bon appetit!

  12. Tack för visningen av kräftkalas,ni verkade ha riktigt trevligt,sj är jag inte förtjust i kräftor så vi äter räkor istället!!Ha en skön helg ,kram=)

  13. Vad smarrigt med skaldjur! Me like. Hoppas ni har sluppigt förkylning i familjen. Och ha en riktigt trevlig helg, kram Katta


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