Rainy DAY on my SSS# 34

Helg ljuvlig helg! Åtminstone ett tag på morgonen.

Hoppas att alla mår prima trots förkylningstiden. Här hemma förkylningen kommer och går. Den känns att man kommer att bli sjuk varanan dag. Idag var vi ute en sväng och kollade läget i stan och hade sett några saker som jag inte kan motstå. Efter, gubben min åkte till sonens ny lya för att sätta ihop alla möbler och sån. Hemma var jag lite seg. Städa lite och tvätta så att städerskan kan stryka i veckan. Skönt att ingen som stressar mig. Jag hade hunnit laga 2 recept mat för middag. Otrolig, dessutom byte gardiner i övervåningen. Nåväl... HA EN UNDERBAR KVÄLL OCH TREVLIG SÖNDAG...

Some shots for my SSS...
Autumn leaves... soon, yellow then fall to the ground...
Taken yesterday across the street... this is where I spend most of my days
On the way to mall...
You think this is nice? Follow me home §;-) or NOT
Hmmm... not full trunk, huh? Hallelujah, someone mumbles...


At least in the morning. Sun just peeped a lil while and of course, started to rain, windblows so hard. Hope everybody outthere are in the best of everything, despite of our weather wherever we are and whatever we do. Flu time, folks? hope everybody keep the heads-up of the symptoms. At home, we're still having colds & cough. It seems that these won't go away. It feels that people are sick every other day. It sucks. But... hey! just relax and of course...

Was out early today to run an errand and of course, I spotted some stuffs that I can't resist. Everything follow me home and I said "Am worth it" and gave a wink to great hubby. Then, after, he drove to the our son's flat to put together all the furniture for them. I stayed home to do some household chores, make ready for our cleaning lady as she's coming mid-week. I feel, I was a good girl. No stress at all... cooked 2 menus for dinner and I changed curtains in the second floor. Anyway... I don't really have much to share today due to lack of sunshine, but I was struggling to catch some...§;-)

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  1. The shadows are always a pleasure, they indicate motion of the sun (the trees near the building) or of us (the movement of the car). Al pictures here are beautiful!

    Oh, no snow here now. my SSS was a few winters ago. I do think that snow can make for memorable shadows!

  2. Great shadow shots and it sounds like a fun, busy day! The best kind!



  3. I thought for sure we were gonna see that sweet little settee squeezed into your trunk...that's why I have a truck...you never know what'll jump out at ya!!!

    Have a great weekend...stay warm!

  4. Pretty autumn colors, can winter be far behind?

  5. Beautiful shadow shots.

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable day. You cooked two menus? Wow.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today ~

  6. A great posting, I like th ephotos and the narrative. Stuff happens sometimes.

  7. Wonderful shots, and great t hear about wonderful weekend too!

  8. You found some great shadows! Sorry to hear about all the sickness in your house right now. That's something I hate about autumn and winter. All of the nasty colds that refuse to budge! Try to keep warm :)

  9. Hoppas inte du blir sjuk nu, ha det gott vännen, och på tisdag tittar jag in.

  10. Beautiful shadows..I laughed at the trunk shot..fun to fill when shopping. Heading to daughters baby shower..she is due next month.
    Have been so busy, that is why I haven't been visiting..but you are always in my thoughts..
    Have a wonderful Sunday..Happy SSS.

  11. loved that couch, chie!! and those pretty autumn reds. beautiful.

  12. i always enjoy your tour of shadows. sounds like a fun day indeed.

  13. Looks like you had a nice, sunny day with great shadows! Enjoy your week.

  14. lovely photos as usual. glad you were able to get some sun and shadow shots AND do some shopping. ;-)

    have a great week.


    p.s. you did a lot of walking in nyc! it's a fun place to walk around, though. that's the best way to see the city.

  15. Nice shadows. Super autumn colours.

  16. dark shadows lengthen,
    signs of autumn in the air—
    soon snowflakes will fall

    My Shadow Shot

  17. Wonderful weekend indeed! Gorgeous photos... I'm in love with the chaise! :)


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