Busy Day on my SSS #33 with some Giveaways too!

Hej alla goda tjejer...

Först och främst tack till Er för alla goda kommentarer. Som alltid, en bra motivation i min vardag. Tyvärr, mina goda blogvänner, jag hade ingen tid att komma och hälsa hos Er. Jag hade inte hunnit med någonting här i bloglandia sen i helgen pga jobbet och även mitt eget hemmet blev glömt? Sen sonen flyttar idag lördag och så behövde dem vår hjälp och så klart som föraldrar måste man ställa och stötta upp dem till 120%.

Innan jag går, se till att du lämnar en liten kommentar för en utlottning som min kompis Sara som äger "PRALIN"butik som Ni hittar vid Götalandsvägen, i Älvsjö bidrar för en höst surprise. En enkel regler som gäller, lämnar kommentar och länka min blogg i din blogg, klar. Dem som läser och har inte en blogsida, säg till så ordnar jag den. Min familj har en överaskning förutom Saras. Så häng med till nästa Söndag. TJING...

Nu är det dags för ett nytt inlägg inför Skuggsdagen!

Loving my life to the FULLEST... I see this when I get up
Orchids still growing strong...my first sight when I came down
I brought my flowers in, that hanged on my bike,
Let see if how long this will live inside

Grandson gave me a cool pose when I met him
Lil L enjoyed shopping at my friends store.
You can see many subtle shadows around...

My week-end finds have a subtle shadow, I guess?
This are the famous doggies in town...
Potter & Percy
Fav shop "PRALIN" a stone throw from my home
Just open your eyes & you see what we're looking for?


First of all, I apologise to all my bloggie friends that I never been active the whole week. I seem to had lost my track of the whole week--- the reason for my absence! Although my long days of absence, you all still drop by and leave so nice and admirable comments. These make me keep going. I might said this before but I can still tell you over & over again.

The reason of my busy days was my job. I got new tasks and a new huge client that I am the responsible for their business. So, a very huge & very important task for us. I will meet them for a lunch meeting on Monday to talk and decide what they crave from us and vice versa. This is also a very tough task, meeting clients and discuss business. MOI? you never think and believe that I can do this but, HEY! ladies... wish me luck §;-)

Then, been trekking with friends and shopping and... and... blah...blah... never ending activities...
That even my home was left behind §:-(
Another reason is that, my son got his own apartmen nearer to his work but farther from us. Today, he'll move in and of course as parents, we have to support them whenever and whatever they need us. SO BUSY DAY---

But before I go... my good friend Sara who owns a home design store "PRALIN" located at Götalandsvägen, Älvsjö, contributed a giveaway (pouch & lavendel soap) to everybody who come and visit my blog. A simple rule: just leave a comment and link my blog to your blog then your in, with the giveaway. My family have a secret giveaways too, hmmm... I wonder what's inside in that cutie lavendel pouch apart from that lavendel soap? It's their big secret. On Sunday, next week end, the 18th Oct. is the "REVEALATION DAY" So, hang on good folks?

Surprise giveaway from family & friend...

HEY! don't forget to drop by at
if you want to see the universal participants of the meme

25 kommentarer:

  1. All wonderful pictures..Always fun to travel with you..Sorry you have been working so hard..You know we will always be here, even if I am kind of slow lately. Always in my thoughts/prayers..Hugs and have a Happy Weekend.xoxo Rosebud.

  2. The shadow of your grandson and dog are cute and full of life. I really like the angles of the blind - they add an artistic man-made view to the beautiful plant. All of these shadows are nice views!

  3. heyy you made a lovely new banner and site! I like it ;)thanks for your lovely comments on my bloggie... I am very busy with work lately so sometimes I have no time to go and visit all the blogs I am following, so thank you for still passing by
    Over and out Roger x

  4. Hi
    May I suggest you put your kitchen plant in a spot which has as much light and warmth as possible, even though inside?
    I live in Australia and even here that it is the rule for plants kept inside.
    So far as how long you will have her ... so much depends on the plant and the environment inside. Make sure the soil in the pot is good and well drained and generally (depending on the plant) kept just moist. A little soluble fertiliser now and then will normally do wonders.
    Get to know the needs of your plant and you could have her for years.
    June in Oz

  5. Love your wonderful shadow shots and pictures! Know how it is to get busy, but as Rosebud wrote, we'll always be here! Love the shot of your grandson!

    Have a great day!


  6. Wonderful shots but I LOVE the one with the shadows of the blinds- so lovely!!
    Much luck on your new job responsibility.
    Round The Bend.

  7. Good luck on Monday! Great shots!

  8. Hey Richie - congrats on landing that big job- awesome girl!!
    We love your grandson's shadow...don't you love that he's so excited to see you?!
    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  9. Love the lil' Jack Russels, I bet they are a handful...as is your Grandson I bet, what a cute shot though...of boy and dogs!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. All great shadows as usual! I like the funny grandson one best! All the very best for your important lunch meeting on Monday :)

  11. nice series of photos, I especially like the stripey effect of the shadows on the orchids

  12. Richie, I love your orchids and lovely shadows! :) Thanks you for commenting at my SSS post! :)

  13. i enjoy walking with you through your day of shadows!! i hope that all your busy-ness you find time for you!!

    have a blessed week!!

  14. I do love your stories of your week and your beautiful home and family(dogs included!) Hope your meeting and work with your new client go well.
    (And you are right-my shadow does look like hair curlers!)
    Have a great week!

  15. Wow, you have been busy. However did you find time to take so many great photos?

  16. Awww, your puppy dogs are almost TOO cute, except there's no such thing. :) All the best for Sara and her pretty shop, and for your own new client job! Thank you for saying Hello ~ always lovely to catch up with you, Chie. x0 Ooh, my wv is 'parle' ~ first time I've had French wv, ooh!

  17. Hi there! Your orchid is stunning and a beautiful sight to wake up to. Your friend's shop looks inviting and with many wonderful things to buy! I won't be entering the giveaway as I will be moving soon.

    Good luck with the meetings with your client.

    I am late with my sss, but you can find mine here:


  18. Great photos and shadow shot too! good to see you again. we all get busy from time to time. be here when you can...hugz!

  19. Those dogs are ADORABLE and that Orchid is GORGEOUS!!!

  20. Always so many lovely shadow shots:) I think the orchids are my fave!

  21. Hejsan
    Så fina bilder. Hoppas de e fint med dig.
    Ha det gott.

  22. Underbara skuggbilder, Du är enorm på att hitta sådant som vi andra bara går förbi i vardagen.
    Jobba inte för mkt!

    Kram //annette

  23. Jag är med i din tävling! Länkar!
    Stressa inte!
    Kram, Lotta

  24. Hej! Tack för kommentar hos mig. Det är alltid roligt att se att du har tittat in. Du visar många fina bilder.
    Du ska absolut åka till Systrars Söta om du vill hitta fina saker och äta och dricka något gott :)


  25. Beautiful Pictures!
    Here is "My Sunday Shot♥"<--Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!


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