YUP! sjukling igen! Trött på flunzan...

Just det... så kallar vi den. Tur att det är inte svennis som hälsar hos oss. Men med tanken på alla skrivier om svininfluenzan så känns det läskigt ändå. Å andra sidan jag hade redan tagit prov för 2 veckor sedan.

Ja ja... host host--- feber och ont i kroppen, huvét---usch--- vad görs? Ligger på sängen fick mer ont i kroppen. Nåja... städa? njäähh... snurrigt i huvét... men så dotter frågade om hon ska ha en läs lampa nu när den är mörk. OK! sa jag. Jag ska fundera då?


Argentine Yokiddo lamp, reminds her of mum & dad
Je´taime Paris lamp, Pierre Gonalons.
Isn't this cute? I want her to choose this one.
How about Dan Black & Martin Blum's reading one?
Perfect for a teeny, huh?

Her bro told her to choose this one! She's a duckling!
Leblon Delienne, show his style but, do you think she want this?
Her papidoh, loves this! "am watching", he said
While Liz choose this for her bro's step-son Chob--
Got Yah! this is my choice for her lamp!
Isn't it adorable? So girly...

You heard it right, dear friends! It seems am a teddy bear, huh? I feel going to hibernate, now I feel that fall is on the air. FLU is here again in our home. This is my turn as lil L just finished hers. Luckily enough, it's not "swineflu". I had my check-up but my doc informed me that it's just a viral. A normal influenza that many get when weather gets colder. Hallelujah!

Lil L, asked me if I can buy a new lamp in her room. She love reading. 2-3 books a week isn't bad for a 17 yr old, huh? So, I promised her to get one. As a crazy mum at heart... I asked her to choose which of these lamps she like most! She stared & shouted at me...

"Mum! what a freaky you are specially when your sicko"
That's all FOLKS... have a great Friday and see you again, SOON...In times like this? Sick women needs a wonderful rest, in a wonderful room.
Subtle, harmonious, romantic & heavenly peaceful!
Am creepin´in under my doona now!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Men usch då, inte kul att vara sjukling.
    Hoppas du piggnar på dig...och tur det inte är Svin-flunza... =)

    Ja jösses vilka tossiga lampor det finns... hi hi

    Ha en bra och tillfrisknande helg!!
    Kram Patricia

  2. So sorry to hear of you all being sick..We had a little bout of something here. Thank God we are over it. Like all the lamps..great job, as usual. Keep healthy and thinking of you, even if I haven't been visiting much. Will get better with the visits. We are starting to get cool, tonight will be another frost. So sad to see the summer go. It wasn't much of a summer, we had so much rain.
    Have a happy weekend..xoxlove/Rosebud

  3. Love the man with the paper. Hilarious.

  4. hihi..härliga bilder som vanligt..skall förhoppningsvis träffa din kollega Anna snart..på lite makeup..känns så bra med egen studio..du får komma förbi med din vackra dotter på lite makeupkurs...
    hoppas du mår bättre STOR kram


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