A Rainy SSS Day #36

Hej alla ut i cyberrymden!

Jag hade dålig natt i natt oxå! Den var inte kul när jag inte kan sova flera nätter. Just det! Fullmåne! Jag stör av den. Nåväl, när jag vaknade kl. 05.57 så regnade det fortfarande. Regnet slutade inte hela natten? Det var verkligen mycket regn... vräkte ner när jag tittade ut genom fönster.

Jag var lite orolig när jag såg att vi inte hade solig helg, skälet var förstås mina skuggbilder.IAF, gick ut och höjtade till gubben min "vi väntar tills regnet avtar". Ha--ha--! kl. var nästan 13.00 så regnade fortfarande. "VI ÅKER UT ÄNDÅ! så får du dina bilder". Jajamensan---

On our way on chasing my shadow shots...
We run around the shopping centre & my eyes catches the chairs & the mannequins
Not much shadows to take, so on d way home...
Arrived home and this was awaits us--- house number w/ SS
@ Infront porch, candle holder & shell lamps welcomes US...
New car scream & said," shadow's pls!" §;-)
When I get inside, the dining area gave me this...
Kitchen gave me this... U know what I mean?
Lastly, @ my kitchen, left side, invites EVERYBODY, GRAB a cinnamon roll!

Hi everybody in bloglandia...

I had a bad night last night too and this was my several nights that I can't sleep. That's right! I remember it was a fullmoon, huh? Hmmm... got bad vibes everytime it is fullmoon. Anyways, I got up circa 06.00 a.m. and still heard the raindrops. I was really amazed and was thinking that the rain didn't stop since last night.

I am a lil worried this morning as we really had a pissy morning. My hubby told me that we're going for a drive to chase my shadows, besides. Am so happy to heard that, apart the rainy weather, he stand by me with my meme §;-) You heard that "Tracy"? What a lucky lady I am! he---he---

As always, Peps! head over to:
to see the universal Shadows Collage ever...
Thanks for the meme Tracy, makes me feel mobilized!


29 kommentarer:

  1. Nice set of shadows. I especially love the dining area scene.

    You're lucky to have a hubby who will take you shadow chasing!

  2. Really fabulous, different and intriguing shadow shots! Such a great variety! I love them all!

    Happy SSS!


  3. What a beautiful and generous serving of shadow shots! Now I don't know which one is my favorite. Perhaps the one with the chairs.
    Hope you get a good night's sleep after doing a job well done!

  4. I always enjoy the tour around your busy life you give us! SOme interesting shots this week!
    Hope you get more sleep tonight!

  5. Your tours are always so much fun, you are a lady full of life and a will to go enjoy it...have a wonderful weekend girl!

  6. Hey sis, great shots as always, many of them too, compared to my one and lonely one this week. Anyways, thanks for the cinnamon roll, love the shot. Great freaky Friday finds too. The weather here is a bit windy, sun is out but is chilly. Sick of this winter, too cold, wish summer was here to enjoy the warmth and more SSS to find. Hope your weather improves, cya for now, sis. Have a great SSS, lucky you have good hubby to take you for your SSS. Cya MonikaROse My hubby is working now, Sunday, bummer :(
    PS. thanks for dropping by too :)

  7. You lucky gal...to have a hubby that will take you SHOPPING for your Shadow Shots! You sure caught a lot of shadows this weekend!!

  8. You are a lucky lady! Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie! And hey, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of shadows in your part of the world. This is quite a collection of cool shots!

    Thanks for the cinnamon roll! It was yummy! I think I'll pop back in a little while for another one. If there's any left!

  9. Beautiful shadows especially in and around your house. Those cinnamon buns look so inviting.
    Hope you're sleeping better now.

  10. I love your shadows every week Chie - a great selection. xx

  11. Nice shadows! I particularly like the shadow with the new car smell:)

  12. lovely shadows, the full moon kept me awake too!

  13. your posts are always so cute! Sweet husband to help you chase shadows.

  14. Sometimes the shadows are right on your doorstep and beyond inside! You traveled a long way to get a nice variety, anyway. Thanks for visiting.

  15. On overcast days
    good shadows are hard to find—
    you have to hunt them.

    My Shadow Shots

  16. Hejsan, får jag skriva på svenska?
    Kom in och titta hos dig, för att jag började skratta för mig själv här, då du skrivit att min blogg är intressant... vet du... Jag skriver om mitt liv, som jag nog bland tycker är en stor fars själv också... :)) Överlever för att jag kan skratta åt mg själv :) Ska återkomma och läsa hos dig... måste fortsätta med en jobbgrej nu, gör arbetslista för september, jobbar mao nom vården...
    Ha det så bra!!

  17. What a gorgeous, gorgeous husband you have, chasing shadows with you! I can't sleep either, here I am at 5am blogging, listening to the little birds waking up. I'll put the coffee on and we can have a cuppa together Chie! A-M xx

  18. Lovely cinnamon bun! thanks! You caught many great shadows this Sunday! I played too.
    Have a good week.

  19. Sounds like you've married a good man. ;-) Wonderful that he understands your need to chase shadows!

  20. I enjoy those shadows and the last photo, i really like it.

    My post below:

    Human Favorite Place - Dining Place

  21. Hej vännen.
    Så snäll din make är mot dig. Honom ska du vara rädd om.

    Vackra skuggor blev det med.
    Hoppas din måndag blir en bra dag.
    Kramen Synne.

  22. You guys really make a day of it shadow chasing! How fun:)You got lots of good shots.

    Thanks for the cinnamon roll. It looks delish.

  23. My favorite is the shell lamp's shadows--very delicate and so lacey. My DH has also caught the "let's look for some shadows" bug! Aren't we lucky? Thanks for the yummy cinnamon roll!

  24. That last shot is so pretty! And yes, I'll take a cinnamon roll please!

  25. How lucky to have a hubby like that!!! Chasing shadows for you :D Love the new car, take me for a spin when I am there...

  26. I am going to grab a roll right now! The sun is playing lovely shadows on my coffee table now...makes me think of yours! hugs...Ax

  27. Hej!
    Tack för din kommentar hos mig.
    Kram Sofia

  28. Wow, great job! The candle holder shadow looks so intricate!

    Thanks for commenting on my single, meager photo! :)

    - Square Peg Guy

  29. Hejsan
    Ha en underbar helg. kram


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