En piff, En charm/ZEST FOR A LIL CHARM


Just det! mitt i veckan redan? Verkligen snabb vecka denna vecka med? Underbara dagar och mycket fint väder i stan, IAF. Lite molnigt men så varmt. Jag är glad att jag är ledig idag och hade pysslat med dittan och dattan idag. Hann göra lite göråmål hemma.

Hmmm... som sagt, en liten piff för ett litet charmigt hus? Aha! vad görs? Nejdå! man behöver inte riva hela kåken eller köpa dem värsting möblerna för att få det man vill. Man kan inte bli lycklig eller lyckligare bara för det. Eller kanske om man inte behöver vända om slanten för att klara sig? Annars man kan ju göra det enklaste där man har och trivs med. ENKELHET! Hemma, det går ju alltid en "recycle" och jag är lycklig för dem små piff och puff jag gjorde.

First of all, I do clean & wash although not much to wash
Disinfect the bathroom & the Spa area is a must! Once a week!
Love flowers around my home
a) this is what welcomes you on my foyér
b) a lil zest on my kitchen hard board
My day pick flowers (arrangements)
a) gooseberies & red rose in the lounge
b) an ivy on my dining table

Together w/ lil teen daughter, we baked her fav snow cake
We had both a cozy day...
Doing my projects makes my fulfillment day...
These are the outcome of it!
a) Gustavian chair perfect in my cubby house
b) 50 yrs old window now my picture frame
My outfit for lunch tomorrow w/ good friends
a) cute peach blouse by M. Kors
b) white pants by Esprit
c) silver sandals by A. Marinella/Italy
d) clutch bag by Friis

Just right! it's the middle of the week, folks! Time flies too quick... A wonderful day and our weather is absolutely fab this past few days. A lil cloudy but still warm though, so we don't whine a bit. I am so happy today as I am on my day off. I been doing some projects and just having the simple day & a very simple life of a career housewife.

Yes, dear friends, as I said, what give a home a charm? Hmmm... it doesn't mean to demolish the whole house, eh? Just give a lil zest here and there and that makes lil things big difference. You don't need to buy the most expensive furnitures either to be contented with, well... that's another story! Do you have a sky is the limit marginals? Go for it? But for me? I am enjoying the things I have and I do recycle them. Simplicity is the best way.

This is my day my dear friends... simple but full of enjoyment!
It doesn't mean luxurious need expensive things.
As long you're contented that makes life easier

Always keep your hearts in place for a better life...

7 kommentarer:

  1. Du får GÄRNA komma förbi:) du hade fått asian food om du hade varit här nu! har lagat en jättegod gryta och vårrullar...synd att du inte var här.
    Så fint badrum ni har!!! blir sååå avundsjuk

    Ha det riktigt skönt idag vännen// Lotta

  2. Hi lovely girl, thanks so much for stopping by to ask how we are. Haven't you been busy? I love your Gustav chair and beautiful stained glass window. What an inspiration you are. Happy birthday also! I'd love to come and pick berries in your garden too - looks like you had a wonderful celebration. Meredith xo.

  3. Oh Chie, your little projects are just perfect. Aren't you clever. You sound very organised... even to planning your next day's outfit! I wish I could be that organised! A-M xx PS cake looks yummy!

  4. This is a charming post Richie and I like peeks into people's home, real people, not celebrity homes hehe :D Have a fab week..or weekend yahoo!!

  5. You have a lovely home and I always enjoy seeing the way you decorate it. You're very creative! Hope you enjoyed lunch with your friends :)

    PS - I'll have a big slice of that snow cake thanks!

  6. Vackra blommor, kakor och kläder. Tack för titten hos mig. Så roligt att du vill köpa våran bok. Den kommer att finna på många inredningsbutiker och vi kommer oxå att vara med på bokmässan i Göteborg ifall att du vill ha en liten signatur i boken hihi.
    Kram på dig/Ingela.


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