Rainy Freaky Friday BUT living in a very simple way of LIFE


"Jaså? är det fortfarande sommar? " en dam fnäste! "Jajamensan" svarade unge killen mittemot henne i pendeltåget mot Nynäshamn. * smile--- i mina tankar

Vädret verkligen kan ge ett bakslag på folk. Jag läste även Thomas C. (Simon & Thomas) designern att han blir lite deppig med vårt sommar väder, med tanken på att vi har ju så kort sköna månader? Jo, jo... tänkte jag. Vad görs? Som jag alltid fick höra när jag gnäller på vintrarna att det kallt i Sverige, men fick svaret "ingen dåligt väder bara dålig kläder" Så, UPP och UT med ER...

Här är några tips från MIG för att skratta Ut i skuret!!!
RIGHT! FIngers UP on the wetty day*wink
Wanna have my handsfree umbrella? Be my guest!
Photo: crunchgear
I rather keep me dry & warm, ain't U?
He he---LUVIN´this, about U?
Even pets wet & freezin...
Piggies too... mind U?
My tree wanna keep dry too, huh?

"What? do you think, is it still summer?" an old lady mumbled. "ABSOLUTELY!" a young boy responded. Hmmm... both were right, I replied (in my thoughts) while am pretending sleeping, in the train on my way home.

The weather is really pissy, windy and--- arrggghhh!!! Even Thomas the designer whine that he needs a retreat somewhere south. "Are you surprise"? I mumbled too? Remember, this is the Swedish summer weather. 17deg, while downunder is 20deg & it's winter... Anyhow, as I always said, "ENJOY & make the best of everything" So, hang ON! Check my tips for the rainy days!!! What you can say about them? Aren't they SMARTY?
While everybody's complaining about the weather, am enjoying my day!!! SIMPLY & HEALTY.

CONTENTMENT is my keyword for today, Peps!
Picking up fresh potatoes, baking my own raspberry pie, pioness are blomming & have my fresh veges from my garden makes my life so happy. I am contented what I have and what I get. As you can see, in the last end photo, that is an avocado seed. I keep my fingers cross, it will grow, hopefully!

What can I ask for more? I do have a nice & loving family & friends (visual friends included *wink), good health is on track again, have a good job, etc...etc...
Keep Smiling
Thanks once again, "Melissa"

8 kommentarer:

  1. Another interesting freaky friday, happy weekend my friend :p

  2. Another great Friday..Gives me my morning laugh. We are finally getting a little sun, but still cool here. Guess your weather is like ours.
    Have a wonderful weekend. hugs/love/Rosebud.
    So happy to read you are feeling well..

  3. You crack me up. Can you imagine the surprise on people's faces when you opened your umbrella with the finger on it? You're right about the whether in Australia - it's about 19 degrees, but it does feel cold to us....truly. I know, we're spoiled brats. Have a great weekend. Meredith xo.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by & your hug. We have also been having quiet a lot of rain here this winter, although the sun is shining this morning & is giving me some beautiful shadows on my walls. I hope you have a wonderful weekend - big hug!! Axx

  5. Richie, the weather in all the world is so crazy!!!!
    The shoes with the umbrellas are so freaky :)
    Enjoy this freaky Friday my friend!!
    Big hugs!

  6. Great pics to have a laugh with my friend! Loved the little piggie with his wellies on! Enjoy your weekend & yes, you are so right, it really is the simple things that make our life so joyful.
    Millie ^_^

  7. You manage to find the funniest and wackiest things to share for your Freaky Fridays! I love all of these, as each one made me smile!

    Hope you and your family have a super weekend filled with lots of fun things :)

  8. hahaha ja gud vad jag skrattade över bloggadressen med kinesiska tecken;)
    Vad roliga bilder du visar. man blir sååå glad över dem. Man behöver lite tokigheter i sitt liv.

    Ha en mysig helg// Kram


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