Nämen... fredag igen. För mig känns det måndag §:-) "Är du galen" mumlade dottern. Hon som jobbar! IAF, vädret fortfarande är varmt. Tack och lov regnade lite inatt. Det är verkligen för varmt. Även om vi njuter dem fina och varma dagar när vi är lediga, började jag klaga om "solen är för varm". Jo, jo... jag får väl klaga som alla andra. Vad görs? Mina blommor dog. Gubben min vattnade och vattnade, ändå den förgäves §:-(

Slutprat nu... Idag är min fräckis dag. Alltid och som vanlig varje fredag. Jag försöker i varje fall.

Dessa fräckisar är ju koola, vad sägs mina vänner?
Wanna coconut? Welcome to Philippines, he he
Hmmm... am loving OZ! I left my heart in OZ land...
HUH? when did Sweden planted bananas? *wink
I didn't know that The Netherlands can build such cool house too!
U.S. made, very simple but healthy...
Photos: Worth100 Photoshop

OMG! week come to an end so quick! What a wonderful feelings when week-end comes, isn't it? Do it means, chilling out? Cosy in Bed & doing nothing? or time to do something? Is this your time ladies?

Here in Sweden, we have fabulous week, the whole week. It is really a summer weather. Warm & humid, water & flips flops. People around are enjoying the sun. When I had my day walk, I saw my neighbours doing & fixing their houses. For a normal Swedes, this is summer life! Swedes as I used to say "SUN WORSHIPPERS". If they see the sun shines, everybody close their eyes and look up. You know what it means? Suntan, folks! §:-))


Yeah, as I been doing... living a simple, healthy & beautiful life. This is isn't hard to do. I am happy whatever things come across my path. I thank HIM for giving me such beautiful family & friends who's always there to stay for me and I do the same.

Collage: pressable to enlarge and see what I am talking about.
Continment of a simple life: for me? I am happy and contented when I do the weeding of my vege plots--- clean my kitchen--- watered my pionesess--- put water and flower to my birds bath--- I disinfected the SPA, ready for the week-end--- and of course, giving more place for my clematis to cling on.

Having a 3 days off means for me & hubby "home projects must done". We did't whine of projects. It's fun although lots of work. But when time done, HAPPY is the right word for this.
Thank You Melissa
Be yourself & be understandable, makes things easy...
This is according only to me, k?

14 kommentarer:

  1. Nice fruity pictures R, somehow the weather does dictate everyone moods, and summer makes everyone so happy..and I am happy as everyone else across the pond is :)....plus, no more winter pictures!

  2. Roliga bilder som vanligt ! HAa en UNDERBAR helg nu !Kram =)

  3. Hihi.. nej jag menade att DU får mycket inspiration från de fina bilder du visar, för det är väl inte du som har alla dom små-husen? Det är kul och titta på dina fina bilder. Önskar dig en bra helg.
    Kram AnnaMaria

  4. Hey Chie, send some sunny weather this way, DownUnder..it is chilly out..great collage, love your garden..cya soon..monikarose :) did ya check my skywatch friday, it is gliding shot u might like. cya

  5. Enjoyed every picture and always fun to see Friday. Enjoy your wonderful weekend. Our summer isn't doing good..not much sun so far. Haven't been in the yard/deck much at all. Thunder/lightening isn't my favorite, so inside I stay. Maybe this week will bring sun. Again I say, have a great weekend..xoxoRosebud

  6. You sound so very joyful!

    Have fun getting those projects done.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  7. Those photos are GREAT!!! Such FUN!!!

  8. Those are fun..., love the banana!

  9. Söta hus men jag skulle nog helst ha ett sånt som du visar i förra inlägget. Härligt på sommaren.Ha det gott i värmen, kram Katta

  10. Oh I love these pictures. They're something that an Aussie would do! Glad it is so warm and lovely for you up your end of the world. It's freezing down here but at least I can get to use the fireplace! Have a great weekend Chie and thankyou for always visiting me and putting a smile on my face. You are a gorgeous person! A-M xx

  11. Hey girl, you will fly with me when you visit, it is beautiful up there, so peacefull and elegant amongst the clouds..have a fab day :) mon

  12. Vilka hus!!! gillar jordgubben jag:)
    Ohh jag väntar och väntar och väntar på väskan hahahaha;)
    Nä ingen fara alls vännen:)
    Men det ska bli kul när den kommer!!!
    Phu idag är det varmt IGEN men imorgon lovar de regn...sååå skönt.

    Kram lotta

  13. Those are wild! I can't imagine the time it took in photoshop:)

  14. Richie, for me the weekend is time to do something (not too much..)
    So original de photos :)
    I wish you a wonderful Sunday my friend, big hugs!!


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