REGN eller SOL? GARDENING, perhaps!

Jag vet inte hur det känns idag. Nu är jag bara laaaattt... så är det rätta ordet! Klockan är nu halv ett på eftermiddag men jag ä fortfarande i pyjamas §:-)

Har pysslat lite men åhhh... så trist väder. Man vet inte om man ska ut eller in. Jag känner att jag ska ut och kolla plantorna och andra som vi hade sått...

Vill Ni se mina tankar? Vasegoda!!!
Wanna see what's in my thought now??? Here they are...
House to HOme got my ideas to crave like one §:-))
Isabella Smith is my kind of a woman in terms of gardening. Well, maybe I have another one but I keep this secret till then. Yeah, been peeping out at the garden the whole day today and seems the weather can't decide. A bit warm & windy. Hope the weather forecast keep their promises that this p.m. the temp will be up to 19 deg. WoW!!! amazing for the first time of this time of year.

Anyhow, I been planning to have my garden table at the back of hubby's garage. But, hey! he didn't know my plans yet, *
wink! I was at my doc yesterday and passed by "Clas" and I found a very simple table. I think can let the wood dry and get rotten or brush it with the wonder colour "white", then voilá! My plan come true or shall he build it for me?

WHAT YOU THINK LADIES? My wish is a simple as this: don't you think? It's a matter of care & how I style it...Ahhh... it sounds am going feel better, eh?
Just hoping I can carry this home alone! Coz I would love to have one, NOW

Have a wonderful TUESDAY, everybody!!! Enjoy---

11 kommentarer:

  1. These pictures makes me want to gardening!
    Warm hugs,

  2. Me too, me too!! Go gardening!! Charming photoes!

  3. excellent pics.
    nice bloggie too.

  4. Thanks for leaving lovely comments, Richie.
    Love all your gardening photos.
    Have a wonderful day

  5. Hey Chie, fabulous gardening inspirations, just speaks to you to go out and do some gardening on a beautiful sunny day..have a good one..MonikaORse..thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. Oh and Chie, much better background, makes all your ideas bright and full ;) MonikaORse

  7. My thumbs are turning green. Fabulous.

  8. Ah..somehow you could read my mind, I just love gardening now..a little cuckoo but I just love how everything is blooming here :P and that tray you wished for, I am wishing it's in my garden too...hugs/M

  9. Oh! these garden photos are fantastic! How romantic to have a garden like these!!

  10. I wish I liked to garden. I just don't do well with it and don't like weeding. What the heck, you can't like everything, right?
    Beautiful pictures..Glad you are feeling better..

  11. muy delicados las imagenes felicitaciones¡
    saludos desde argentina


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