Mingling With The Famous Interior Designer's On My SSS #25

Nu är värmen är här!!! Så underbar känsla, eller hur? Jag kan inte ens beskriva mina känslor. Den är verkligen men smak, alltså §:-))

Jo---jo---bakgrunden bara ekar, Ni vet vad den betyder. Familjen instämmer med eftersom båda är ju vana med värmen, men dottern vill helst ha höst som vår vinter. "WHATEVAH" mumlar jag sur.

IAF... helgerna är ju min skuggjakt bilder och denna dag lördag i Sverige och Söndag i Australien, var jag på en live interior design visning på "Bo:X" i Kungen's Kurva i Stockholm. Dem är kända par och jättetrevliga och så jordnära. Jag kom dit ensam i tid, så jag en annan dam hade denna snygga killar för oss själva i 1½ timme innan deras visning börjar. Så kul att se. Känns som på tv!

My gazebo crown gave me a cool shot when me & hubby had our brekky...
Hubby had a hand free to take this shot, ???
Ahhh--- the candle lamp in the entrance porch...
What is this?
He he---my elephant flower stand! at the open porch

Then, my hubby drove me to the furniture center, a 10 mins. drive from where I live.

This is the entrance---then I dropped by to the great stores around b4 I ended up to my destination...

"Pls. press the photos for a bigger size as I have several photos to show, for the collage"
Pix from left is the entrance of the furniture store---
Sia design---my fav store
Simon & Tomas, Tomas give advice

Simon Davies from England at work:
-Bisarre room, him falling the carpet
-The finish work
-Tomas give the finishing touch 2pix
-Coffee table
Me, mingling the couple b4 & after.
SORRY folks, the lady who took the photos didn't do a good job
But, I guess You still can see glimpses of shadows here & there *wink

This is the best weather ever this spring/summer day. Ahhh!!! 30deg isn't bad, eh? Not at all, my good folks! This is the best thing I could imagine by now.

"WHATEVAH" I heard from the background! Wohooo! my daughter is working today voluntarily in Stockholm Marathon. That is cute, right? You know what she & her friends do? Their task is to remove the running chips that is stuck somewhere in the participant's shoes. 18,000 participants means, 600 chips for every kid, right? She's happy though, that the weather is so friendly today.

My task for today was watching my fav interior designer's "Simon & Tomas" the whole morning 10-12.30. Fantastic job they showed. It was funny that they showed the typical swedish room that Simon called "The Bisarre Room" then they have a 20 sqm. adult room to design. Really amazing that they just look at the space & BAAM! they have the decors in place? I planned for ages but didn't came my goal. It makes more a mess. As Simon says "krims-krams or
knick-knacks" Anyways, GREAT JOB & FABULOUS DONE...

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26 kommentarer:

  1. I really like your shaddow shots! And all the rest of your pix are so cute!!

    Lovely weekend!

  2. Great shots! shadow and otherwise! Looks like fun was had by all! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Dear Richie.. you look so beautiful in the photos!!
    Your shots are great!
    Have a nice weekend my dear friend!

  4. Look at you - all hob-nobbing with the designers! How fun! Love your shadows this week Richie! Have a great day!

  5. love that first shot on the awning..

  6. Hey Chie, great shots you have there, love the first one of your gazebo, fab. Sounds like you had great fun at the furniture store, looks great too. We missed out on great sunny day for gliding yesterday :( Thankyou for the comment, Are u serious, would u consider buying the jewelry set!
    Have a fabulous day and week ahead..:)MonikaORse

  7. Hi Richie,

    you made beautiful photos!


  8. I share your love of decorating, it's so exciting when it all comes together...same with the shadow shots, you are having way too much fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Great shadows..What a great time you all had. Happy to see you are doing so well..Thank you God..
    You would go crazy with my style..anything and everything..but must have curtains on the window. Sure doesn't look like famous Interior Designer..but what the heck..it is cozy.
    Happy SSS..xoxoRosebud.

  10. Uhm...the woman who took the blurry pictures, how many drinks did she have? ;)

    Have a lovely weekend with your family!

    xoxo M

  11. You are so tiny next to those designers! I enjoyed the tour and shots:)

  12. I loved your shots. My favorite has to be the elephant plant holder. My wife thought that was adorable!

  13. You found many shadows this week. they look great!! sounds like a busy weekend...hope you are having fun.

  14. what an amazing time! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Cool shadows!..what an amazing store..love the colours in there!
    Not enough sun here this week for shadows :(..maybe next time..have a great week :)

  16. Not too sure what your Hubby could see here, but who are we to question the mind of a male, I'm sure he has a very reasonable explanation! Looks like you had a very fun outing to see Simon & Tomas. A goood week to you dear.
    Millie ^_^

  17. Fantastic collection Richie...ah..what I would give for a lovely gazebo like yours. With our hot weather and not having one at home, I am hiding under the palm trees...hugs..

  18. LYCKOS dig som är fotat med de som är så duktiga:) vilken helg du haft!!!
    ja värmen är sååå underbar och jag vill att den ALDRIG ta slut!

    Nu måste jag sova, har jobbat ute med tunga saker hela dagen, sååå träningsvärk;/

    Nattinatt// Kram Lotta

  19. I loved all of your shadow shots. Especially the gazebo one. that's my fave. A great post Chie! Hope you are having a good week so far :)

  20. Hey Girl, what's happening have not heard from you in few days, are you alright my friend...mon

  21. you are soooo sweet ;-)


  22. Halloj där!
    Ja tänk den kära värmen som var här...en gång ;)

    Vart träffade du på Simon & Thomas? i Nacka?


  23. I am so glad you are getting some lovely summer weather. It has been still raining here so there are no beautiful shadows. Looks like you had a fun time. Ax

  24. Hej på dig.
    Så bra dina skuggbilder är.
    Den på elefanten gillade jag helskarpt.
    Ha det gott vännen.
    Kram Synne.

  25. heeeej..nu är vi i floria..underbara amerika..jag en känner mej verkligen som hemma här.. inte bilder ännu..är alldeles för trött.. nu slappar jag efter frukosten och skall sedan träna en stund (måste efter scramble eggs och annat onyttigt ..hihi) sedan blir det stranden..30 c varmt..havet är jättevarmt..ja vi har det bra med andra ord.. iadg skall jag dessutom träffa en mary kay kollega..spännande.kram


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