EXHAUSTED! but happy on my Shadow Shots Sunday #22 for 2009

YUP! lite trött efter gårdagens "Ladies Night Out" men verkligen glad. Tjejerna gjorde att jag mår så bra. Skrattade oavbrutet och kom UT den riktiga jag §:-))
Ha ha--- can U see the happy Me?
Some shadows during my happy night---
Marie with the black blazer §;-) from Mary Kay
Shadows from my Ladies Night Out (can you see the shadows?)

Tack, Marie från Mary Kay för en underbar kväll hos mig. Du förgyllde tokiga kvinnornas kväll och att du hade anpassat dig med våra hysteriska sätt. Job well done.

Well, here's my contribution on our never ending meme every Sunday:
This was the scene I saw while am on the way down to the cellar..
Crystal sallad bowl reflection on my kitchen hardwood sink
When I open the door in the Spa section I saw the door shadow
And I decided to play w/ my Egyptian Lady Candle HOlder...

Am on the way to my cubby house to check some more shadows b4 I catch this...
My poorman's house backyard
Partly of my design & the perfect shadow (more pix on Wednesday)

YUP! that's right... am a little bit exhausted after yesterday's "Ladies Night Out", but am really pleased. The ladies made me feel so good after all the pain I feel. I laughed continuously, first time after my hospitalization and after awhile, it came out the real me §:-))

Funny & crazy!!!

Marie, as I said is a blog friend of mine for a year now who's franchaising Mary Kayand she was so wonderful last night. My colleagues were amazed when she came with her big bag. As they didn't knew my plans. "GOD! What the h--l this lil lad thinking now?" They know me well & I can be crazy sometimes --- he --- he ---

You saw the outcome of my surprise, huh? Everybody enjoyed and learnt something that never came across our mind. Hurray!

Well... this is what I can share for this time and now head over to our International Hostess:
TRACEY... thank you for the fun every Sunday that it can be an addiction. As you know that the whole family is joining my chasing of shadow for awhile now, for better or for worst, as you can see from my previous shots... Well done, T and hope you have time keeping up the updates.


34 kommentarer:

  1. What a great collection of shadow shots! Really fun to look at! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  2. You caught some nice shadows.

  3. Loved those shadows photos. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving warm words behind!

  4. good for you getting a ladies night...we should take them more often. love all your shadows...

  5. Lovely collection of shadow shots. Glad you had a fun ladies night out - I could use one of those myself! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the weekend! :-)

  6. A great series of shadow shots...

  7. Thanks so much for coming by my blog, and for leaving a comment. Funny that we both have inspiration somehow in our title! Nice to meet you and please feel free to stop by again!


  8. Beautiful shadows again Chie. I love the crystal bowl shot!

  9. G'day..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.. :) cHIE.
    gOOD TO hear your a getting better. Love your SSS, especially the crystal bowl, wonderful how the sun catches that shadow, makes it all sparkle.
    Have a Fantastic Mothers Day :) MOnikaROse

  10. You are too funny, what a fun time you must have had with the girls, glad you are getting along well...fun shadows!

    Happy Mother's Day...

  11. Hey Richie! Great visiting you this weekend! A girlfriend's night out sounds like a great time.....lovely shadows this week girl!

  12. This is a great shadowy collection! I like them all but especially the crystal salad bowl which made such interesting shadows. Glad you had good fun on your ladies night :)

  13. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Loved your "shadows". Jen

  14. A great collection of shadows Richie. And I'm so glad that you enjoyed your night out with your friends. It sounded like you needed a good laugh after all you've been through lately. Have a great Mother's Day :)

  15. Hej vännen!
    Blir glad när jag får läsa att Du skrattat och haft roligt i fredags, måste vara härligt med sådana arbetskamrater.

    Väldigt fina bilder, Dina fantasi finns inga gränser för verkar det som!

    Ha nu en bra söndag!

    Kramen //annette

  16. Det låter härligt :D
    Underbara bilder!
    Kram Lily

  17. I especially like your photo of the crystal bowl.

  18. Kan tro ni hade det roligt:)
    Härligt gäng ni verkar vara på jobbet!
    Hoppas du och din familj får en skön söndag!!!

    Kram Lotta

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and so happy for you..I enjoy laughing too..good for the soul.
    Enjoyed all the wonderful pictures, they are beautiful. Love the yard..cozy place, but all through your home, you can feel the love..Happy Mother's Day to you and so happy you are feeling better. Sending love/blessings from Maine..Rosebud.

  20. Vilken härlig Ladies night out ni hade. Riktiga och roliga vänner behöver man. Ett gott skratt räcker långt.


  21. Men va f-n Richie...sitter ni nere på toan hela gänget...skratt...eller ja vsst ja,det är ju ditt SPA jag skymtar;-)

    Tråkigt att du fortfarande har ont,ska det vara så?

    Jag sitter här och småler för mig själv när jag tänker på dig och Lasse sittandes under paviljongen en månklar natt sippandes på varsitt glas vin och lite annat gott som tilltugg,MASSOR med tända ljus och lite hålla-handen så där småromantiskt som våra karlar kan...fniss...iaf min kan ju inte hålla truten en sån gång utan vräker ur sig någon "rolig" kommentar och förstör hela stunden...fniss...
    Hur som helst så är din paviljong supersöt där den står på altanen...och cykeln är som pricken över i helt klart:-)

    Ta hand om ditt onda nu och ta det lite lugnt!

    Kramar Birgitta

  22. Love your photo with the bike!! Romantic!!

  23. you definitely seemed to have had fun! beautiful shadow shots...loved the cycle in the shade.

    have a nice day!

  24. Hi!
    All your photos are great! You all look like you were having lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!


  25. Love your shadow shots this week! I have only been doing this a few weeks and it is addictive isn't it? I love loking at everyone's shadows each week. Your ladies night out looked a lot of fun. Glad it made you feel better!

  26. Wonderful shadows all over! Happy Shadow Shot Sunday and Happy Mother's Day!


  27. I didn't know about your hospitalization and hope that you're fully recovered. You must have had a blast with your girlfriends. The shadows are fabulous, as always. Happy SSS!

  28. Way cool shots; especially of the candle holder and dish (?). Looks like ladies night out was FUN!

  29. Richie - what a great night - good for you!
    And I love the shadows of the bowl in the kitchen

  30. What a nice collection of shadow shots :-)
    and thanks for stopping by my blog ...

  31. Wow...so many great shots! I really love the one with the bike on the tree!! I'm so glad you had a fun time for your ladies night out:D

  32. What a lovely set of shadows!
    I hope that you had a very nice Mother's Day. Gx

  33. fantastic shadows everywhere Richie...hugs/M


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