Christmas Eve on my FREAKY ME FRIDAY

Jabadahbah DOHHHH!!! fredag igen! Så kul att få träffa mina kollegor idag och en blogvän för en liten "ladies night out" hemma hos mig. Det kommer bli intressant att få höra hur gick på jobbet.

Idag, har jag inte förberett mig med mina fräckisar. Jag tycker att när Ni ser några av mig, så ser Ni mer av mig som en fräckis---

Men, innan dess--- ska tacka en god blogvän i Nederländerna "Pure & Simple" för sitt godhjärta.
Jag fick nämligen en "krya på dig hälsning" med blommor frön, med tanken på att det gick inte skicka en bukett på posten.

Kul att man får uppskattning ibland!
It's awesome that good friends show their concern, TY a lot
A get well soon greetings from Mel...
More presents and the vanilla sachet is wonderful & my garden will be blooming soon...
THANK YOU, MEL & JACK, you make my day & hubby sent his regards to you both
As today is Christmas in my Freaky Me Friday, I would share this AWARD
to all of you who drop by and SPREAD THE MESSAGE:
I received this award awhile ago and unfortunately, didn't save who gave me.
Anyhow, thank you for this award

And Now the awaiting FREAKY ME...HOLD YOUR BREATH, PEOPLE!!!
He---he--- she's cute, isn't she??? Ahhh!!!
The real me showing am not a beast, eh?
You never seen this face b4, haven't you?
This either... it happened when my allergy struck me nearly to death *scary
Luckily, enough I didn't ended like this... HALLELUJAH

OMG!!! week-end come to an end! it's really quick, huh? Well, who won't love week-ends? I do love! Anyways, Just bare with me today as I haven't prepared my usual thing during this day, but I hope am as freaky as the thing as I used to show you those past few months.

I would love to thank you "Pure & Simple" from The Netherlands who sent a "get well soon greetings". Wow!!! my garden will be flowery as Holland soon, Mel? Hubby loves the sunflower and his been preparing the place where to sow them.

Lastly, whoever drop by, please bring the award which I received awhile ago, as I said, unfortunately I forgot who she was but, I know she's from Canada, a writer and a teacher. Anyways, if ever she comes back in my site, hopefully she'll notice this post. MILLION, THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE AWARD AND APPRECIATE what I overcome, although, for me, blogging is just my theraphy or just a good way chilling out from my woes of life.


5 kommentarer:

  1. hahaha tur du inte ser ut som den längst ner...scary;)
    Du är verkligen otroligt söt och stackare när du fick allergichock:(

    ta det nu lugnt ni tjejer ikväll;)
    Ha det såå mysigt.

    Många kramisar//LOtta

  2. That last picture ... was quite scary!

    You'd asked, on my blog, about why they install boot-scrapers. They are to be able to scrape the bottom of your shoes, in case you've stepped in anything nasty! This could be leaves, or mud, or ... anything else you might encounter in a city.

  3. Well I hope you are feeling better soon. Allergies look terrible! Get well soon! hugz~kbear

  4. super duper tack för ikväll och vilken underbar mat...åååhh sååå gott...mums..och vilka härliga ses du o jag nästa vecka igen för en liten fika på stan..stora kramen och trevlig far jag upp till Gävle några dagar..tjing tjing

  5. Ohhhh Richie... take care with your allergy. Spring is so bad for people with allergy!!
    But also you`re so beautiful my friend!!
    Have a nice weekend, enjoy it!


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