Angels & Demons

Just det! Imorgon ska hela familjen titta på premieren på "Änglar och Demoner". Jag är verkligen taggad på den. En en gång, hela min dåvarande avdelning läste Da Vinci Koden och när följande bok kom så kunde vi inte motstå allihopa och läste den oxå. Det var kul att få en fika paus och vi diskutterade nämda böcker. Konstig men så är det när man har roligt med kollegorna.

Nedan är min egen affish från Rom i Sistene Kapell:
This is my poster I bought when I was in Rome at the Sistene Chapel
Yeah! not frame yet--- this is what you see at the Sistene Chapel roof

Angels & Demons was the second book of Dan Brown's novel and it is a sequel of the Da Vinci Code. Just right, me and my family we're going to the premiere tomorrow. It is kind of a hysterically nostalgic for me. I still recall that my previous department was reading these books and everytime we had our coffee break, everybody joined to discuss w/c chapter are we reading and started discussing what happen next and all our clues and guessess. Funny! Now... time for second book "ANGELS & DEMONS" (Press the link for the advertisement).
Here's my greeny pinkish Wednesday!!!
Just a touch of my mood---
My romantic collections... whatelse you expect? §:-))


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  1. Thank you for visiting me on my blog. Yours is very crazy, i like it so much.
    greetings from germany

  2. Hello Richie..oh, I am waiting to see this movie, I loved the first one so much. Lovely home and angels.

  3. Hi Sweetie Darling,

    How are you doing?, i am swampes in appointments but i just made some time to leave a quick comment.

    Love you green sofe and we have the same coffee table!

    Big Hug xoxo M.

  4. Hoppas filmen motsvarar Dina förväntningar!

    Ha det gott!

    Kram //annette

  5. hejsan
    du får berätta om det var bra filmen=) jag vill oxå se den. kram och ha en fin kväll.


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