A touché of YELLOW for my Easter FINDS

Hej alla glada bloglandia vänner... TACK alla som alltid kommer och tittar in, i våta och torra inlägg jag har haft alla dagar. Ni ger mig krafter som gör livet gladare och alltid gav en skratt i mina läppar.
Tack en en gång----

Nu är det dax igen för en skön lång helg med mycket mat, familjen och vänner omkring oss. Vad ska Ni göra denna påsk? Kanske många åker på semester eller andra tar det lugnt som jag och min familj. Vi kommer att träffas och ha det mysigt...

Nedan är mina gula skatter som jag verkligen dreglar av avund!
An amazing grace? Opps buddhish...
A living sun shining my life...
A dream corner in my poorman's house, if ever I have the marginal...dreaming ON
I keep on dreaming w/ this beautiful hall...
Photo: Country Living
Country Living got my taste that I'm continue dreaming ON...
Photo: Country Living
Martha Stewart knows what I need... Compact Living solution... A wonderful citrus cake to invite YOU all this Easter...
Thank you all my dear bloglandia friends...for coming and peeped in whether I have a nice or not posts. I just want you to know that YOU give me so much strength and keep my days alive. You always gave me smile on my lips... Thanks once again.

What are you doing on your Easter holiday? I guess many of you are on holidays somewhere with your dearones and some like me & my family will just have a cozy dinner together. Am just wishing you a wonderful EASTER and have as much nice bunnies & eggs to ENJOY...


5 kommentarer:

  1. Hihi,

    *blush* i totally forgot that easter is in a few days. I am so busy but i decieded to take a little break and recharge.
    Hope your surgery goes well! Enjoy the easter holiday with your family!

    gr. Mel

  2. Richie,
    Hope everything will be all right. My prayer will by with you.
    Wish you all the best.

  3. I send love & positive energy your way Chie for a swift recovery from your surgery. Keep your beautiful smile as always & everything will go well for you.
    Love Millie ^_^

  4. My Dear Richie..Have a wonderful Easter. We will have all the children/husbands/grandchildren here. There will be a big Easter Egg hunt on the lawn. Daughter #3 does this every year..hope to get pictures of everything. I will be cooking and will start tomorrow.
    It will be fun and can't wait for the kids to arrive..starting tomorrow..We all send our love and blessings..from our family to yours.xoxoRosebud.

  5. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. Hugs to you! xo


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