Ahhh... efter helgen så är man slö! I varje fall JAG... känner att jag har ingen ork alls. Jag var på sjukhuset för att träffa alla läkare hela förmiddagen till 13.30 inför den bestämd operationen och nu vill JAG bara ta det lugnt. Hoppas bara att jag är trött på kylan och inte ngn förkyllning på gång, igen.

Denna dag så är mina tankar i min drömland och vill vara slöa hela eftermiddagen... vill Ni bara med mig? Hmmm... så skön att vara bara och nu GLÖMMER VI alla dessa MÅSTEN, eller?
In this bedroom, I would just snooze although am not sleeping, §:-))
Photo: Fisher Hart
In this bedroom, I would just like to be seductive as evah!
Photo: Jame Brittain
In this room, I would just be as artistic as I can be
Photo: Robert Idol
In this room, I would just love to feel my "forever young", dream ON...
Photo: Rock Mickley
And in this room, I would love to entertain all my friends and have a cozy time, together
Photo: Net find

Hello all my Bloglandia friends!
Yes! my week-end was pretty quite though, but I feel that am too sluggish after all. I was in the hospital the whole morning until 13.30hrs. Met 3 doctors who will perform the operation I will go through on the 15h of April. It was a bit scary and was exhausted but I have to undergo all of this for a better health.

Right now, my thoughts is in my dreamland and wishes to have all the coziness, I can get. Are you coming for a peep or join my laziness for awhile. I suggest you all, that we have to forget our MUST modes... I would LOVE you to join me to be ourselves just for a moment and that our loveones give us a short time to enjoy this moment.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I am still enjoying my sunny monday with a good book and a glass of wine!

    Good Luck the 15th!

    gr. mel

  2. I really want to go to sleep in one of your beds! They made me feel v e r y tired!!! :D

  3. Hello Richie!!
    The photos are so nice and beautiful!!
    On 15th April, I will send you all my best wishes♥♥♥
    Have a nice week my friend, hugs!

  4. Hallå där.
    Jag hoppas verkligen att du inte har fått en ny förkylning.
    Så härligt du har haft det i ditt hemland. Önskar att jag kunde ha så varje dag ;) Dessa vyer gör en så harmonsik och lugn. Du får drömma dig bort dit, det gör iaf jag.

    Härliga bilder du visar.

  5. Oh Chie, I will be thinking of you. You poor thing, you really do battle with your health. I will send 'get well' thoughts your way. A-M xx

  6. Great pictures..Keeping you in my prayers for the 15th and of course before/after too...Take care my dear friend..always in my thoughts.


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