Inspirational Designs during a boring DAY

Vill bara bjuda lite ögongodis denna eftermiddag eftersom jag tycker att vårt väder är nu så slaskigt så det inte sant. Men vad ska man göra? Man får njuta det bara, eller hur?

Här är min dröm sommarstället ngnstans ??? vad vet jag! §:-))
Welcome everybody... to my country house or NOT tjiihi...
A glimpse to my lounge & the brekky table...
Ahhh! love this simplicity!!!
The open porch viewing the Pacific Ocean, Ladies!
One of the bedroom, COZY, huh? Wake me UP... am dreaming!!!
The lovely bathroom w/ an asian touché, of course! I die for...
Resist this? Guess not!
Photos courtesy Wiseman Group...
Love their design to death!

It's free though... come w/ me.
God Bless You All this happy Wednesday...

12 kommentarer:

  1. tänk å få bo där en vecka och mysa på lite=) ha en fin kväll. kram

  2. Jag tror jag föredrar en liten stuga i fjällvärlden!

    Ha det så gott nu när Du åker till Växsjö, undrar vad Du skall höra där?
    Inte ett dugg nyfiken;)
    Kram på Dej!


  3. Well, your designs are a lot more beautiful than mine!!!

  4. I love your countryhouse! Thanks for inviting me :D
    Love Lily

  5. That's your country house. I am visiting! A-M xx

  6. Hej min vän!

    Du har sköna drömmar du och särskilt på onsdagar vad jag förstår.

    Här i Göteborg har vi haft en antydan till sol idag och så mycket ljusare det var mot i går.

    Må gott och lev väl

    Solvarma kramar on mas från Irene

  7. Wonderful photos!! Have a nice day too Richie!! Hugs..

  8. Love these designs! Very inspiring! Thanks heaps for sharing them :)

  9. Hello Chie, thanks for dropping by. My hubby is home for two weeks, I am spending all my time with him, thus not posting.

    I just got a head cold, yesterday, had the car window down with damp hair, was a bit chilli. Not good, nose getting blocked today. :(

    I had bit of time today, looked at your entries, love the freaky friday, sunday shadow shots and your deisign ides. Especially the country house, just beautiful.

    I love your ideas and shadow shots, they are all inspiring, thantkyou for sharing Chie.

    Have a Great, Wonderful and Happy week ahead and weekend comming.

    MonIkaROse :)

  10. Oh my that is GORGEOUS!!!!
    Love all the wood and the bathroom. I want a vacation home like that Hmm.... think Mister M has to do some overtime on his job :)

  11. I'm going to dream of being in your country house today. so beautiful, cozy & warm. hugz~kbear

  12. Oh Chie, that bathroom is so sumptous, I would never leave. What a fantastic place, thanks so much for posting it, I wish I was packing my luggage right now!
    Millie ^_^


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