FREAKY Spring Friday

Jösses!!! fredag igen... veckan går så fort när man har mycket att göra både hem och jobb. Tycker ni oxå det? hoppas alla mår bra IAF, trots allt!

Några inspirational OCH BOOSTA inför våren eller? Instämmer Ni det? Mycket vit.C behöver vi alla så. VARSÅGODA...

Best booster of them all... my KIWI watch
Raspberry bag another good Vit. C, dare to?
A krsipy kreme flip flops ready to rock!
My kind of candy shoe ready for my spring afternoon tea
My omega-3 belt! Wanna have one?
Photos: Firebrandt arts

When you have a busy and chaos week both home & work, it's amazing that w/end come to an end just a wink of an eye. I feel my body pain. Lucky enough, it's our "health week" at work this week. So much enjoyment. We have different kinds of health lectures every day, healthy food & drink, massage chairs, gym activities , lots of work-out classes and many more. Am enjoying to run around to try all sort of activities during lunch time. It's terrific, though the stressy job. Having this kind of spectacle, sometimes help ease the stressy work for awhile.

Amazingly, this time, am alert of my freaky post this Friday. Hope you enjoy my Freaky Spring theme. Fit for spring time...


10 kommentarer:

  1. You have so many good designs!! Where do you find them all????

  2. ohh I wish I could have some massages during work.... I had one this week at the Fysio for the first time in my live and I loved it!! At work we only had hhand reading and some aura pictures with some hippie guy who explained me my aura haha. I hope your hosp. visit is not some scary health issiue! My health is getting better, I now seriously start to get back to work... Have to rebuild all my space and refind my clients as some of them run out when it was a mess of colleges taking my place. Anyway I feel confident about my abbilities to make it work again ;)
    have a very nice weekend!

  3. I like your spring themed Freaky Friday. Those flip flops made me laugh. They actually look quite comfy! What a good idea it is to have a 'health week' at work.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Very original!!!!! The kiwi-watch is wonderful :)
    Have a beautiful freaky Friday Richie!! Hugs♥♥

  5. I like every one of these designs..Really neat looking..
    Have a great weekend my dear friend..always in my prayers..xoxRosebud.

  6. wow...good enough to eat! Happy weekend and have a good rest, dont we live for weekends/hugs/m

  7. Du är för underbar med Dina härliga och uppigande bilder!

    Ha en skön hejg, vila lite!

    Kramen /annette

  8. hi, love these photos, colorful and tasty i bet. sounds great that your work provides these stress out activities, wish aussie would do that too, hope you feel better.. have a great day..MonikaORse

  9. I'm afraid I'd eat that bag.

  10. Those are such awesome and artistic photos!


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