My Sexy Freaky Friday...

Vad är fredag utan mina fräckisar eller? Skratta eller höja ögonbrynen §:-)) Det är verkligen fräcka möbler eller hur? Men jag tror att dessa möbler har ingen plats hemma. Vad tror Ni?
The lights are tiptronic controlled by touching the niples
Seeing this table makes you smile and invites you to touch it!
Cheeky cabinet on high heels with feminine details.
Four legs form a provocative chair!

Yeah! It's Friday again and as usual, a shocking freaky day post again. What is this day without my humoristic post, huh? You may give me a smile or a snob §:-)) But, still I am here to make my day happy.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Have a great day and lovely weekend! Amanda xx

  2. I say it every Friday..I don't know where you get these pictures..It is amazing what is out there for sale..I laugh so hard when I see them..Have a happy weekend..thinking about you and hope all is well..Hugs..Rosebud..

  3. Hihi..verkligen fräcka möbler det där..lampan var häftig och bordet..något för en ungkarl eller?=)

    Tack för alla gulliga kommentarer min vän!

    Idag har jag både shoppat och bakat.

    Önskar dig en trevlig helg,
    Kram Maria

  4. Var hittar du allt? hihi, verkligen fräcka möbler!

    Ha en skön helg!


  5. Wo, woooo, wooooowwwwwwwww!!!!
    I laugh a lot when I saw the table Richie!! =)
    Have a nice weekend my friend♥♥

  6. Ha, ha passar inte hos mej i alla fall, ha nu en skön helg!

    Kramen //annette

  7. Visiting Graig's blog here I am ... I like those pices of furniture ! far beyond my imagination !! ;-)

  8. This made me laugh so hard!

    The cabinet on high heels LOVE IT!

    It's creative, provocative and fun!

    gr. Mel


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