Mission Accomplished..- JA! jag gjorde det---

JA!!! jag gjordet!
Allting--- nu väntar nästa uppdrag §:-))
Men jjust nu ska bara njuta dagar som går.
Mission Accomplished, indeed---
Done all the "to do" list last week-end.
Just now, I'll take a relation week and take whatever that come across my way,

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  1. haha uypu funny girl, it is a really good Idea to make weeks like you do and focus all week on a project! I think I will follow your idea and call this week the week of putting up all the stuff I want to sell on line;)Thanksssss, hugs

  2. Hejsan

    Så mkt bilder du visat under några inlägg. Så fint och iordning du har hemma. Kan du komma hit o städa mina skåp med;)
    Hoppas du har en bra dag på jobbet:)

    Kram lotta

  3. Hi Ms. Richie! :)

    Thanks for visiting my site. It brightened up my day. :) Must be so cold there sa place ninyo. But you have a super nice house to cozy up in. Dito sa Pinas ang summer na summer na.

    I see that you speak Swedish. How long has it been since you moved there?

    Prayed for you and your family today. May God richly bless you with more love, laughter, good thoughts and great memories!

    I read this today, may it also inspire you: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."--Psalm 37:4

    Keep in touch! :)

  4. helloooo, tar gärna en fika på NK..*ler* låter supertrevligt, jag återkommer om förslag på dag.
    Du, jag såg dina sko garderob..wow..ha det gott kram

    (hur är läget på SEB nu..)

  5. It's such a nice feeling to get all those household chores out of the way and finally put your feet up!

    Enjoy your relaxing week :)


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