Soon Valentine's DAY! Got tips?

YES, the lover's day is on the air & I can smell it!

Funny that many don't celebrate this LOVE day to honour "cupid". I love to remember this day, not just to the one I am with now, MOTH (man on the house) without to everybody. It doesn't mean that you must love someone, to celebrate this day, right? A mother of 2 teens is cool, celebrating this day together with them? he he...

* I still remember when I was young in the Philippines. Hmmm... so much nostalgic, but it's worth longing and cherish the good old days.
- kids in their school always make an art for their favourite teachers & classmates
- when we're in high-school, still we make our advanced art of hearts and other things symbolises heart's day.
- teens who started to like and have crush to someone gathered, go to picnic or when it's full moon they're infront of our house playing many parlour games.
- lover's sits on the bridge or layin' on the grass staring the stars

*AHHH... so nice to recall... missed my simple day. Not much money but so happy in every ways!!!

Nowadays, I celebrate Valentine's Day depending how I feel and wherever I am. Always something special. This year will be a surprise dinner which my hubby & my cousin's hubby planned. We'll let see where we ended up and hopefully this night will be wonderful and romantic. Times flies too quick...

Do you have some tips for a successful Valentine's Day?

Well, I found some cuties that are worth to try this year!
My dream shoes w/c I use during our dinner §:-) not BAD, eh???
So simple & easy but so classy
Small pastries/cakes free of choice...
A true Cupid believer & I adore this dream room...
Photo: HousetoHome

A simple decor, very asian...
Ha! elegance for a sort of shabby? Not bad!
Photo: Nikki Tibble
AHHH!!! who can resist? I can't... after the romantic party I surely jump in my cozy bath...
Photo: Annabelle Moeller
Lastly, I will be having my Sunday off from everything. I will stay on bed till midday...

Well, well... hope you find your own simple way to celebrate the Heart Day, likewise.


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  1. Such lovely pictures Chie. We have a busy week with Valentines Day, my birthday, my wedding anniversary and my son's birthday, all in one week. It's almost like "here's your Valentine's, Birthday and Anniversary present" all rolled into one! A-M xx

  2. Hej vännen.
    Nej vi firar inte valentins dag. Vi firar ALLA dagar istället. Har dessutom bröllopsdag den 24 så vi firar då.Jag tycker att alla sådana här dagar är mest för köpmännens skull. De tjänar på oss.

    Men jag älskar min man alla dagar på året, inte bara den 14 februar.
    Vi ger varandra gåvor och kärlek ALLA dagar.

    Sänder dig en kram nu. Med massor av goa tankar.
    Kram Synne.

  3. hallå
    Ja i morse klara inte min bil kylan(batteriet) så min chef ska snart komma och hämta mig=) snäll chef;) jo nog klara du kylan,bara att klä sig rätt,sen så är det ju så att ha ni minus 10grader där nere och vi minus 25 så känns de nästan värre hos er=) ha en fin dag och klart jag ska bjuda upp dig på en tur nästa vinter=) kram

  4. Beautiful post and lovely pictures Richie, I hardly celebrate Valentines day..isnt that common with married couple..but DH likes to remind that as long as we have each other, everyday is Valentines day. Guess that means no present for me hah? Lots of love :D

  5. Ohhh "love love"♥♥♥
    I have no tips for Valentine days..
    I celebrate this day depending how I feel :-) (like you)
    I always make a good dinner for my husband (and sons too..jeeeee)and he buys flowers or another gif (one time he brought me a ring, another time a watch, and another time.. nothing!!).
    We must make a hard work, to make a "Valentine´s day" every day of our lifes, or not??? :-)
    Have a good day my friend, hugs♥

  6. Great pictures..some of the food looks good too..Happy Valentines Day to you all..

  7. Felicidades por tu blog , es muy original. Muchos besos desde España


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