Just det! Jag har inte så mycket tid över för att strosa runt hos Er dem sista dagarna. Kanske tittade in men lämnade inte några ord. Hoppas alla mår bra på andra tråden §:-) ändå!

Så mycket att göra på jobbet och så många är sjuka och det betyder mer jobb för oss som är specialist på ngnting. Gud, idag glömde jag till och med min lunch. Jag åt kl. 16.00... Suck! men man måste ju göra det som ska. Men...men... Just nu är jag så sugen på vita saker omkring mig. Känns det att jag är stressad? Genomskinlig, sade många, speciell mina nära och kära... Vill kanske visa att jag vill ha vit för avstressa mig... Nedan--- just nu, så här mina tankar ser ut!

This is what you can see in my thoughts, right NOW!
I adore beautiful & romantic chairs but ain't have one... Sucks!
My problem: might not fit to my cheap furnitures...
Photo: Sia
Wish to have this in my breakfast area, though... hmmm... just change the ribbon to green, pls?
Photo: unkown
Another gorgeous chair... another project for my old one...
Photo: Polly Wreford/Sarah Kaye
Craving more big flower glass. I have only 2, one of each kind...
My dream bathroom! I can't resist having this and have the rest of the day by myself
Photo: Char Langos
We been planning to paint our stairs white. But, do you think it will fit to my poorman's house?
LOVE this one! My project this coming spring §:-)
Photo:Alexander van Berge
It's soon spring & summer... I really need this place for my relaxation moments...
An orangerie or just my glass porch, huh?
Photo: Tanglewood

So, sorry to tell you ladies, that this past days are just like !!!! at my work. Too much and I can't really explain how much. Some of my colleagues are sick and that means more tasks for us who are specialist for such. I even forget to ate my lunch, today. Trades come, head over heels.

Well, someone must do the business. Whether I like it or not. Anyways, right now, I am craving a white surroundings. Do you think, am stressed? Bingo! hubby added... If you can see my thoughts now... so here it is... Read my mind, my dear friends!

HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY TO ALL... always enjoy & keep going towards the WEEK-END

9 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Richie!! I ♥ romantic chairs too, and I haven´t anyone :-(
    Are you working hard?? Take care my friend!!
    Have a good night and sweet dreams!! Hugs..

  2. bello Blog tienes , te he agregado a mis link, un saludo desde Mar del Plata, Argentina
    La Russa Costa

  3. Sorry to hear that things are still so stressful at work Richie. Hope it all settles down soon. I like all the white pics. Very calming.

  4. Ta det lite lugnare vännen, säger jag som brukar göra som Du;)
    Vitt har ju en lugnande inverkan tycker jag, så det kanske därför Du längtar efter det just nu.
    Försök att i alla fall ta det lite lugnt hemma!

    Kramen //annette

  5. Flotte bilder du visar igen.
    vitt är väldigt vackert, men jag gillar lite färg i det vita ialla fall.

    Här snöar det för fullt. Bara 5 minusgrader ute idag. Skapligt.
    Kramen Synne.

  6. Beautiful things and white is really lovely..Would you believe that we have more snow..The guy is plowing our driveway right now..I can't wait for spring..but I guess I have no choice..Much love/hugs Rosebud..

  7. Oh yes i know just how you feel ! I love those white images and hope things calm down a bit for you soon and you really do get to enjoy some lovely white surroundings! Mel xxx

  8. Oh Chie what a lovely post! All the images are gorgeous. And yes, do go ahead & paint your stairs they will look great!
    Millie ^_^


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