SSS #7 2009

Good Morning, WORLD... my time is 01.34hrs EU time. We just came from a Valentine's Dinner together w/ my cousins & our respectives hubby's. We watch a show while we had our dinner and after that a very nice disco. Hmmm... is it really true? I guess am going older now coz am not enjoying so much with the loud music and so crowded w/ lots of drunk guests.

Anyways, just dropping by to post my share for our fun shots every Sunday that I am w/ for quite sometimes now. ME & my family are enjoying chasing shadows. My shots were taken this morning (Saturday about 08.oo am). When I saw through the blinds that sun is shone so nice. I rushed down in the first floor and saw some shadows here & there...

So, here are the varieties of my SS for this week-end taken at home!
My favourite shabby English candle stand...
Taken at our lounge, blinds and my orchids...
On the open porch! Still snow on the floor
The curtain & the window frame through it...
At my breakfast area...

Well, that's all for now good folks!!! And to see the world's Shadow Shots, pls. check at our loving
who is our host in this meme...

Thanks you once again, T for sharing all the universal SSS and I would like to tell you that my fam are enjoying your meme...


24 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for the house tour of shadows. Love house tours so you could repeat again anytime you'd like! Spring is right around the corner so that porch wont have snow on it for too much longer. Enjoy it while it does last.

  2. I agree, the house tour was fun, I too love the white, so bright and airey...but the snow needs to go!!!

    Come on Spring!


  3. Love the softness of the snow and your SS..very pretty! :D

  4. very pretty shadow shots. It is great fun this meme, eh?

  5. A great collection of shadows from around your home Richie. Nice to hear that you & your family are enjoying chasing shadows :D

  6. Hello Chie, great to hear you had good valentine's dinner. I received flowers and card from hubby, beautiful, simple, thought that counts. I am having good sunday, tidy house, hubby will be home soon, working today.
    Have a great and wonderful day...MonikaRose..check soon will post pics on blog of my travels..

  7. Oh and by the way, great sss photos, love the snow and your house shadows...i will have to join hey taking pics..MonikaROse

  8. That was fun to see all your shadows. ;-

  9. What beautiful pictures..just a lovely home..cozy. I laughed when you said about going out and the drunks..Isn't it funny how we see things so different as we grow a bit wiser? Wonderful pictures and our love to all of you..xoxRosebud.

  10. Lovely shadow shots! Really fun to look at.


  11. Those are all great...I really like the first one! Love the shades of grey and white.

  12. You live in a nice house with great shadow shots when the sun is shining. Your blinds look a little like mine.

    If you check my blog in October/November 2008 you will find many pictures of Malta. Enjoy and for June have a nice stay! Malta is a wonderful island.

  13. I love all your shadowy nooks and crannies, but the second one is my favorite. Beautiful!

  14. Hey Richie - such beautiful soft shadows this week! Love your porch {and the shadow too!}
    Happy SSS!

  15. I lovde that candle pillar and really enjoyed your house tour. I wish my orchid could have survived my lack of a green thumb!

  16. I really enjoy shadows that you can find in your home. It makes you look at the world in a whole new way..

  17. Hi,

    You have an interesting blog! I liked the house tour too.


  18. Kul ljus- och skuggbilder, ha en bra dag.

  19. I enjoyed seeing your home through shadows! Especially liked the orchids with the blinds! Thanks.

  20. Richie, as I've gotten older the excitement of going out has become less appealing. I like to go out, just not a lot of noise. Your house looks nice and warm. Happy SSS!

  21. Fina bilder du visar och vad gott med middagen, nu blir jag hungrig...

    Lustigt sammanträffande det där med mina bilder =)


  22. Sorry I'm getting here late. It's been a busy weekend.
    I do love all your shadows but I especially like the candle table and candle shadow!

  23. I love that photo of the blinds and orchid shadows! What a great shot!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my poetry blog,

    I think you did it months ago, but since I didn't have comment moderation on and hadn't posted in months, I never even realized I had comments on there until this morning!

    I promise next time it won't take so long to get back to you... :) Have a wonderful day!


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