YUP!!! What Can I Say... TO MAKE YOU SMILE?

So different in many ways... I meant, MEN & WOMEN!!!
Pls. use your sounds for more fun effect §:-)

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, dear me!! What a difference!!!

  2. Ha, ha, Du är för go lilla vännen!

    Kramen /annette

  3. Ha,haha,den var rolig,måste visa maken.
    Må så gott
    kram Anette

  4. Säkert många som vill ha den ölkylen....
    Kram Synne.

  5. hihi, ja men det e trevligt de oxå på sommaren,nästan mysigare då men vintern e fin att sitta ute oxå=) haha. ha en fin dag. kram

  6. HAHAHA...Richie...I know what you mean..I'll be screaming too if I have a dresser room like that :D

  7. LOL...and i love Heineken!~kbear

  8. Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh tonight.

  9. yeah we have that one as well on dutch television... mmm not very strange actually as it is a Heineken publicity doh!


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