A story of mother & daughter While Chasing Shadows Shot Sunday #3

Last Saturday was my hard day. After cleaning the house for 9 hours, my dear hubby gave me & lil daughter or Big one a day OFF in town (Sunday) to have a Mum-Dott day.
It was fun together and both we're really enjoyed the day off for our chasing day shadows...

"hey harriet"
Thanks for our fun DAY
Lil L just want to posed to show the temperature of the day
Press the photo to see the temp.
At the right wing of the bridge is the famous restaurant GONDOLEN/Slussen

Plane catches our eyes & wishes we're on the way to a tropical weather
In times like this...

C´mon Ladies? Join us for our FUN day...
Yey!!! on the way to Kingsgarden, we saw this thing...
Who's taller mum? Perfect!!!
Phils. Embassy in Skeppbron
Awww!!! am going there, hang ON...
Philly! Here I come??? Help me to chase the perfect
shot for my SSS...click!
On the way To Philippines...
WELCOME for that Nice shadow shot
WAAHH... can't open. Can someone share a hand?
Sunday, close but Here U go! still a perfect shot

A wonderful day together and if you want to check more SSS, I hand you over to our very own host
"hey harriet"

25 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Richie! What a fun day you two had - and rightly deserved! You found some great shadows out & about, along with some mom & daughter time!
    Enjoy your week....and your clean house!

  2. You are so happy, folks. Full of life! You got some artistic shots of shaddows!. Hoe tje Phil Ambassy will let you in!!

  3. This was such a cute post! I enjoyed coming along with you on your day out!

  4. Well I'll be darned. That was the cutest post ever. Great photos! What fun! You should start a business venture called 'Richie's Shadow Chasing Adventure Tours' and I'll book in for sure if I'm ever in your part of the world :)

    You cleaned your house for 9 hours? Geeez, it sure must have been dirty...hehe ;D

  5. Family shadows - wonderful! I'm so glad you had a great day together. Your daughter is lovely.

  6. What fun photos...I want to go where it's warm too, my water pipes have been frozen for 2 days...I need a vacation from all this white stuff...ha!


  7. Richie, your daughter is very pretty..takes up after the mom obviously. These are wonderful sets of SSS..and I really thought you are going to the Philli embassy..love all the shots of both of you :D

  8. In times like this I wish also that I was on the way to a tropical weather ...
    I'll keep on dreaming !

  9. Hejsan:)

    Så söt dotter du har, hälsa henne det:)
    Visst är det mysigt när de blir lite äldre och man kan åka och fika och shoppa ihop?! fast de är dyra förstås;)

    Ha det fint//Kram Lotta

  10. What a fun way to hunt for shadows! Thanks for letting us come along.

  11. Vilken trevlig dag ni verkar ha haft!
    Ha en skön vecka!


  12. hej hej=) gisses så du städa=) det var inte så länge sedan jag sprang förbi slussen,om någon månad ska jag ner igen. Ha en fin kväll. kram

  13. En sån härlig mamma/dotterdag ni hade, och vilket underbart väder :D
    Ha de bäst
    Kram Lily

  14. Looks like you had a fun day together. That's always nice. Great entry for SSS.

  15. What a fun day together! Your shadows are great!

  16. It looks like you had a great day with your daughter. My son would never hang out with me that way! Wonderful SSS. See you next week.

  17. Lots of lovely shadows and memories there. I'm so blessed to have a daughter too. I'm looking forward to when she old enough to have mummy and me days to treasure.

  18. cute shots. love the big doors - bet it was a lot warmer once inside them

  19. Wow! a cold day! but great shadow shots. you look like you had fun.

  20. I love the shadows of the two of you against the building!!

  21. yes då säger jag till när jag kommer ner,;) kram

  22. Hej och godnatt säger jag.
    Ska snart i säng.
    Jobbat natten.
    En kul dag hos er ser jag.
    Katarina hissen är välkänd måste jag säga.
    Har gått där några gånger själv.
    Hör av mig snart.
    Kram Synne.

  23. To All You Ladies,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and hope you enjoy coming back in my simple blog.

    As I always said, & will always say that, you all makes me keep going. Every lil words makes my thoughts spin and search for a new ideas to share.

    Take care of you and Have a great Tuesday & happy week ahead.

    GOD bless Us All...

  24. Fun SS's..thanks for sharing your special day! :D


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