Mitt dröm KÖK / My dream KITCHEN in this dreary day

En trist tisdag och jobbet växer bli bara jobbigare. Jag sitter och tittar genom dem skitiga fönstren och ser att det blåser och det kommer bli mycket hal i väggarna.

Sån här tid så drömmer man. Jag som alltid drömmer vad än jag gör… Så klart!

Som kanske Ni vet att vi hade piffat upp vårt lilla kök i December och jag är nöjd och tycker att det ser bättre ut jämför med det mörka paneler i taket innan. Men OM jag vara har mycket ”Cash” i fikan så är mitt kök ska se ut så här… Drömmer ska man, det är väl gratis, eller hur?
Amazing Grace...this is mine...
Wishing my baking area is like this §:-(

This kitchen is almost like mine... "in my dreams"
owner is a friend & co-blogger "The Inspired Room"
While mine? hmmm... just the colour is the same but way far from hers
My zink on the mahogany wood. Not that fascinating but better than we expected W/ the italian tiles
Well, am happy though, that I have a kitchen full of happiness
The new ceiling in my kitchen is better than the panels we had

A dreary Tuesday and unbeatable work, means more dreadful day. Am sitting in my office and stare at thru the dirty windows. Geees… it is windy, it is gray & drizzly. What can I ask for more? Yeah! An icy streets, indeed!!!

In times like this, I almost feel asleep, awaken. Of course, with my unreachable dreams, as usual?

Awhile ago, as I stated several times in my posts, we had a make-over in our little kitchen, after all from my squeaking & I think it's a bit better that we had before. But, if I have all the $$$ in my pocket, I do not mind to have this lovely kitchens & I LUV ém all…

Ladies, just bare w/ me today, OK? as I am in my dreamland. In my huge, beach house w/ all the wonderful women around, hmmm… Well… "WAKE UP" a colleague said! "Lunch time, aren't you hungry?"

END of my day dreaming... enjoy whatever moods we are!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Åååå, så fristende!! Og jeg som skal skifte kjøkken på kjellerleiligheten snart....

  2. Ja, lilla vän utan drömmar vore livet väldigt trist,måste man få ha!
    Nu drömmer jag om våren!!

    Kramen //annette

  3. It's good to day dream, especially on a rainy day! Your kitchen is beautiful! A-M xx

  4. Kitchen is really nice and it is the heart of the home..We are always in the kitchen..When it is gloomy, it is so hard to keep the mind going..
    We have to keep thinking "spring", "flowers"..plenty of sunshine..
    Have a happy week my dear friend..

  5. harm being in dreamland..I am in dreamland all the time. always love white cabinets though mine are not. Hope your days progresses will after this. big hugs for the whole week ;p

  6. Godmorgon goaste du.
    Blir så sugen på nytt kök när jag ser dina bilder...
    Men det får bli när och OM vi får eget hus.
    Hoppas du klarade av att komma hem på de hala vägarna.
    Kramen Synne.

  7. Oh dear Chie - it's perfectly fine to day-dream, but what a shame you had to do it thru' not so clean windows! Yes, you must dream you are somewhere warm & tropical to get you thru' your cold Scandinavian winter.
    Millie ^_^

  8. ja sådant kök skulle man vilja ha=) så man kunde baka mer=)*fniss* ha en fin kväll. kram

  9. Vad trist det vore om man inte fick drömma...
    Underbara köksbilder!
    Kram Lily


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