Another freaky Pets Day #2

Ha ha--- det är dax igen för min fräckis dag! This lil rude, say... WHAT? see what he have in his head?
Oh yeah! C´mon iron pumping! show ME more §:-)
Whewww--- won't have some water after you, Buddy!
Did you brush UR teeth?

And how the "...." you came from? Ain't seen you in Phillip Island in Aussieland!
What did our Good Lord creates nowadays...*wonder

ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR WEEK-END, LADIES... chill OUT to the fullest!
* •. .•**HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!*..* *
/.•*•. ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•. *.*

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ha en skön helg min vän!
    Kram Lily

  2. Härliga och roliga bilder som alltid på fredagarna hos Dej, mår Du bra nu?

    Kramen och ha en bra helg!


  3. Thanks for visiting me1 I love my clock, too. and I love your blog ;)
    Have a lovely Sunday!!

  4. Now they are very interesting animals. A fun blog, as usual..Hope you are feeling much better. Have a happy weekend too, my dear friend..


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