3:rd Advent, My SSS...shopping & X'mas Tree is now UP, Award

Idag är lite trög för mig. Jag har lite dålig morgon och så hela dagen är förstörd. Men så är det livet, ibland! IAF, vi hade en lugn förutom min shopping, kompisar och så julgranen är nu uppe.Den är inte färdig pyntat än men det kommer. Jag skulle vilja ha bara röda julkulor men dottern, kom ut och hängde hennes guldkulor. Hmmmm... inte så mycket att göra åt saken än att bara samsas. Den står nu i veranda och hoppas den står till julafton och inväntar på snön.

My angel & Sta. are my Christmas Tree guardians
The unfinished X'mas Tree is UP in the open porch awaiting for the snowfalls...

3:e advent var kul med vännerna runt omkring oss... lite international dag §:-))
Always love angels... my fave for my 3rd day of Advent
The naughty angel reflexes as ME *wink
A real copy, indeed!!!
The mulled wine I serve, of course...
My Shadow Shot Sunday share this week...
Of course... every Sunday am w/ my SSS friends and this is hosted by our very own "hey harriet" from my dreamland "DownUnder"...
So, to you who didn't peep in at her blogsite, pls. do! So much fun w/ the shadow shots. I didn't realized till now, that one can make a dramatic shots w/ shadows...
Now, will hand over to our host: "hey harriet"
This is unpected shot, taken today for my 3rd Sunday of Advent...
Candlelights reflexes in my glas cabinet §:-)
The pathway to the garage one snowy morning...
Young L... enjoying the water sprinkle on a hot summer day!!!
What is my Sunday w/out joining the fun for a "Scenic Sunday" hosted by my co-phily girl
I love sun, sky & water!!! This is my dream day to my Scenic Sunday...
"Irene" was my winner of my christmas giveway recently and of course, she got the package yesterday, after the dramatical mode I had 2 weeks ago. Irene, sorry for the delayed!


25 kommentarer:

  1. Greetings,
    A very pretty Christmas Tree. Do you have Christmas Cactus flowers and Mistletoe in Sweden at Christmas time?

  2. What beautiful pictures..The tree is lovely..Angels are a favorite of mine, they are so cute. Shadows are beautiful..Just enjoyed everything..Hope you have a happy day..
    Many blessings from Maine..we had a terrible ice storm..some of my girls are still without electricity..We lost ours for awhile, but all is good..Hugs to you, Rosebud/Carolyn

  3. Jättefin gran ni har...vi har inte satt ut ngn i år. har väl för nära till granar i vår skog el nått;)

    Vi är lite piggare idag och vi får hoppas det blir en piggare vecka för oss alla..

    Ha det så bra så hörs vi snart

  4. Hi!
    Your Shadow photos are great. The girl in the sprinkler, is that your daughter, she looks like she is having lots of fun. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place.


  5. Beautiful tree! I love the shadows across the walk and the sprinkler play is great!!

  6. Hi there, a great array of shadows!! The white pathway with the shadows draws you in, but the one of your daughter enjoying the sprinkler is a great shadow, she looks like shes having a ball, have a great week.

  7. Amazingly stunning shot for this week, Richie. It's beautiful and made me pause to just stare at it for a while.

  8. So many pretty things here! I hope that your tree gets a nice frosting of snow . . . and you've inspired me to heat up some mulled wine.

    Thanks for visiting me - and I hope you have a very happy Sunday, too.

  9. I'll take the dreamy sunny day anytime over the snowy one, we've got ice coming down as we speak...brrrr...

  10. Beautiful scenic picture. I would love to be there right now too.

  11. you have a fabulous Christmas tree chie! I love all your photos. Beautiful young lady, she had fun with the water. Happy Holidays..

  12. Your pathway to the garage shot is so nice. A perfect winter weather shot. We don't have snow yet and this pic makes me hungry for it!

  13. Nice pictures and love the one of your daughter playing in the water..before reading..I actually thought it was you hehe!!

  14. Godmorogn goa Chie.
    Så fin granen är där den står på verandan.
    Här tar vi in den lillejulafton. Så får vi se hur länge den får stå.
    Här smälter snön nu. Det blaskar och droppar.
    Själv är jag trött som bara det.
    Vill bara sova....

    Önskar er en fin måndag nu.
    Kram synne.

  15. pretty reflection with the candles. It has been fun seeing them each lit up every week.

  16. This is wonderful...have a blessed day...

  17. My dear Ladies,

    I was so happy reading all you sweet comments in my Sunday post.

    I really do appreciate having you all. These give me strength and continue my postings and hope the motivation will stay last.

    Hope you have all a wonderful Monday and week ahead. Just relax for the incoming Christmas Day stress. ENJOY!!!

  18. I love your Christmas tree & the overall happy spirit of your blog.
    Happy Christmas.

  19. All lovely photos! Very nice shadow shot. I love your Christmas tree! Beautiful!


  20. Like the shadow, but can I tell you how much I'm envious of the sprinkler? Only because she looks warm! Here, in Scotland, it's never ever that warm!

  21. Hej.
    Vilken vacker julgran ni har.
    Fint pyntad.
    Må så gott
    kram Anette

  22. hiya Thanks for dropping by ;) Big hello fo you to and for your stunning Christmas tree on the porch I love it
    bye bye , desiree

  23. MK!!!

    Funny, what if I look like her, huh? Hmmm... guess I don't have the guts. Am too shy coz in my age? Ahhh... no way but how I wish!

    Thanks for coming and hope ur in the best of everything now that Juletide soon.


  24. Wonderful shadows! Wonderful everything! I always enjoy your posts, as you share so many lovely things :)


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