Saturday Snow Fever! Visitors, SSS, Scenic Sunday & JOIN MY ADVENT Surprises below...

Min familj är glada denna helg eftersom vi har en överaskning familjeträff. Jätte roligt! Det är gubben mins storebror med familjen som kom och sov över inatt hos oss och hans barn kom över med deras respektive och min svärmors syster. Sen bjöds en liten mysig middag.

They make my hubby's life meaningful
A christmas gift from "nicolinasboning" Thanks SIL, hope you enjoyed your stay! §:-)
Nu är Stockholm helt vit. Kul... men så är det kallt oxå! ... ljus oxå!!! Njaaa... blixthalt oxå! Hmmm... Hoppas alla blir glada nu när det snöar. Det låter att jag är inte ens nöjd, eller? Jag trivs inte när det är kallt...

DAGEN tagna bilder:
Jst in our entrance way
In my entrance porch...waahh, slippery
Over-snowed birdcage
As you seen lately, I joined the Shadow Shot Sunday hosted by "hey harriet". Yeah! actually I don't have any theme in my blog. I just post whatever I feel & came across my mind. I just want to be one of a kind. I saw many bloggers who's having theme and at the end, it can be boring as all of us have the same theme, am I right? I don't have anything to do with it anyway. It's just my thoughts. I enjoyed browsing them anyway.

So, here's my shots for this sunday where I found after digging my archives coz nowadays, we have a poor sunshine up north.
L posed unware of the shadow/Riga-Latvia
Me at the top of Reval Hotel Sky Bar/Riga also unaware of the SS
Me & L at Jurmala Beach/Riga
AND NOW, HAND OVER TO "hey harriet" Visit her site & enjoy watching the SSS
Orthodox Church in Riga/Latvia... 11th century & still on it's best condition as EVAH!
I had informed, to those who are interested to join my giveaways. The rule is simple, just jot some lines, motivating why you're keep coming back on my site. Pls. also give me some advises what shall i change in here or what subjects you are interested in my posts.

International blogger's are most welcome too & the giveaways will be posted. Just bare with my giveaways as these aren't made by me, OKIS?

Best motivation will receive the following items below. Just tell me w/c one you wanted to have.

Candle lantern & microfiber cleaning cloth
A gift box from NK-Sia by Swebox
Mini glas for salt or pepper w/ Lingonberry goodies
Ceasar candle glas
Or this Juletide calendar

So, hurry!!! first come first serve, ladies! This fun thing will ended on Nov. 31 & I will announce the winners on the first day of Advent, Dec. 1, 2008.


44 kommentarer:

  1. Hi! I would love to join your Surprise Give away!!

    I love coming back to your blog, as you show some cute designs!!

    Happy weekend!!

  2. Snow..I can wait for it..They are having it up north. Your shadow shots are wonderful..always enjoy the pictures of everyone..Now to comment on why I return to your blog..I enjoy it and find it fun..also enjoy you and enjoy our friendship from blogging..You are a kind, loving person and it shows. Happy weekend my dear friend..Hugs..Rosebud.

  3. Hi Chie - don't change a thing on your blog! You are right about posting just about things that come to you on the day, it is such a good reflection of you & we can all get to know you better that way. But I really enjoy your Freaky Friday, so please keep that going.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hi I am visiting your site for only the 2nd time as we are new friends to one another.

    You have been showing so many unusual pieces of furniture that the ideas stay in my head.

    I am a crafter but I also have other interests. I think you are right to post what interests you- what excites you about things you have seen, what you want to share. If you are enthused by your blog, then others will be too.

    I thought your turquoise candle glass was very beautiful. I like turquoise with deep pink- so Summery and cheerful. This season I am seeing a lot of Christmas decorations in red and turquoise and they look so cute.

  5. I come back because you are a nice person and I enjoy seeing life from your perspective. I would continue posting on whatever makes you happy!
    You are very generous to giveaway such lovely things. Anyone would be very lucky to win any of them!

    Oh...I forgot what I originally came for...your SSs are all great!! And I love the church...beautiful!!

  6. Very interesting shadows. Yes, sometimes I would find something unique turned up in my photos too when I view them on my

  7. Hi ya there :)
    brr...must be cold there..cant imagine it either as you know how's our weather. It's been very hot in the morning and sudden showers in the afternoon, our monsoon is getting worst this year but still lot of sunshine. Wonderful pictures and i think you've tons of them. LOVE the SSS of yourself, i'd should do one similar too..when i loose those kgs hehe..Lovely home and everything else as usual. Post whatever you like, we enjoy them anyway and great giveaway :D Happy bunnday :)

  8. From one Richies to another, have a great day.

    An Arkie's Musings

  9. Här får man verkligen vila ögat på allt möjligt. det är så trevligt att titta in hos dig. sån där tomte som du visa har jag med,en blå med klocka=) Ha en fin dag. kram

  10. Hejsan!

    Oj va många inlägg du gjort sista dagarna..har missat det;(
    Så mkt snö ni har...usch gillar inte kyla heller. Vill helst inte gå ut alls men det måste man ibland;)

    Du behöver inte skriva ut ngt alls om paketet. Vi tar det mellan oss;)

    Kram och ha en skön Söndag

  11. Oj vad mycket fint Du visar och bloggar om idag, vi har inte så mycket snö ännu, vill ha värme och sol istället!

    Ha nu en skön söndag!

    Stora Kramen //annette

  12. vi har haft sån tur som är på besök i Sverige och DÅ kommer snön:-

    Ha en fin söndag
    Kram Gunilla i Singapore

  13. hey hey Just passing by to say hello ;) First snow is falling right now and we're waiting for the winter to really come. Have a nice sunday ;))

  14. i love your scenic sunday shot...what a beautiful church in wonderful surroundings...and your shadow shots are so cute. i like your blog because there is such a variety of things here...i think it's like you said, you show and write about whatever interests you and love to share. that book chair is something else!

  15. Hej Chie vännen!

    Jag återkommer alltid till dej, för att du är en så go och skön bloggarvän, underbara inlägg och du ger oxå så gulliga kommentarer.

    Jag gillar när du jämför ditt liv nu och då, det är så kul att se skillnaden mellan olika kulturer.

    Vad du kunde ändra i din blogg, är dagens bakgrundsfärg, vilken du skall ha är lite svårt att säja. Men du bjuder på så fina bilder och då, tycker jag att du skall låta bilderna tala, så en neutralare färg, kanske svart, det blir väldigt effektfullt, om du kollar in min fotoblogg

    så kan du se vad svart gör som bakgrund.

    Och givetvis vill jag delta i din Surprise-give-away adventstävling, det skulle vara underbart att få någon av dina vackra gåvor.

    Många många Solvarma Kramar från Irene

  16. Hola amiga mio!

    Jag tycker det är snyggt med svart bakrund, men det är ju jag, du kan ju försöka med kanske nån lite ljusare färg.

    Med header bild, menar du den som jag har upptill i min blogg Solvarma foton? om det är den du menar kan jag skicka den via mejl till dej. Den bilden har jag fotat i Sète i södra Frankrike in vid en helt underbar snäckstrand, som vi brukade sova över vid i bilen. Så detta foto tog jag en tidig morron när solstrålarna väckte mej.

    Kramar till dej min Goa vän från Irene

  17. Hello! thanks for the visit. You have a very interesting post, all are wonderful especially the scenic Sunday. Happy weekend...

  18. Your shadow shots are wonderful. I enjoy seeing your family shots especially since I'm a Mommy Blogger. I wish you a happy, warm week with some sunshine!

  19. you post so many wonderful things, faces and items and snow and shadows!!

    lovely!! :)

  20. Great super shots - isn't it fun looking back at old pictures and seeing all of the shadows you were unaware that were there?

  21. Very Beautiful Church Photo that you posted for Scenic Sunday. It would be fun to see what treasures the interior of the Church holds. Thank you for visiting my photoblog.

  22. Cool shadows. I especially like the beach one!

  23. Great shadow shots. It's interesting on the second SSS that the shadow on the shirt is very purple. I thought this was part of the shirt at first. :)

  24. Hej från ett kallt naboland.
    Det är klart man vill vara med.
    Varför jag kommer tillbaka till dig är nog väldigt lätt att tala om.
    För det första har du en mysig blogg. Dina inlägg om hur det är här och där du bodde förr är spännande.
    Så har du alltid en god kommentar till övers när man kikar in till dig.
    Ha det så godt nu den här måndagen.
    Kramen Synne.

  25. Very interesting blog - well done

  26. Re: Lily of the Valley

    Tack att du kunde vara med.

    Re: Forgjengelige ting

    Thanks for a nice motivation ´bout you coming back in my site.

    Re: MoonLover

    Det är kul med din motivation varför du kommer tillbaka hos mig.

    Re: Lotta

    YUP, snön har vi gott om nu. Hmmm… du är väl för upptagen, tror jag.
    Men, vem bryr sig om bloggar om man har mycket annat, eller hur? Blogandet kan väl vänta.
    Det är alltid kul att du tittar alltid in hos mig. Du vet säker vad jag menar.

    Re: Annette

    Du är en god sportvän från början och vi hjälper varandra att ha tålamod i somras joggandet på morgonen. Det var faktiskt kul. Jag var tvungen att kolla min blogg om du ska ut eller icke.
    Känns verklig.


  27. RE: Synne

    Du är den första svensk läsare jag hade och som dig, jag trivs och har kul i din blogg med.
    Din motivation om min blogg och mig själv värmer mitt hjärta. Jag visar bara vem jag är och jag är den vad som står på varje ord.

    Hoppas du stannar kvar! Alltid kjams!

    Re. Irene

    Du är en av dem svensk läsare som Synne. Jag följer dig med var du än går/åker §:-)
    Tack att du är kvar och tack för din motivation om mig och min bloggsida.

    Häng kvar, skulle jag fråga dig.

  28. Re: Rosebud

    That’s a wonderful words you uttered about me, Lady?
    Thanks a lot for having you here & keep following my days.
    I’m fascinated of our friendship although through the blogland.
    Hope it stays, forever!!!

    Re: Millie

    Thanks for the great motivation about my site and I hope you keep coming back.
    You’re one of the best Aussie’s reader & always appreciate you’re here.

    Wish you luck for my surprises!

  29. Här har vi också såå mycket snö! Roligt att se "varma" bilder också! Väntar så till värmen nu.. bara tre dagar kvar, så är vi där.


  30. Re: Melanie

    Yeah! Indeed… we ended up as blog friends in our SSS. I never regret it. I adore your craftsmanship. How I wish I could do such. Anyhow, great to hear you enjoyed in here and post makes your ideas brighten up. Keep going, Lady

    Re: Lisa

    What a lovely motivation. One of a few that struck me, yes! Hope you’re here to stay, although my SSS is very poor nowadays.

    Re: Alice

    Yes, indeed. Amazing! Hope you keep looking...

    Re: MK

    You’re the first Asian blogger whom I like best. You always make me feel nostalgic and of course feel very homesick. I started to know few fellow Asian bloggers through your bloggsite and I appreciate it.
    Hope you stay here & keep on looking.

  31. Re: Baruch

    Nice to hear that you enjoy.

    Re: Lilyhydrangea

    TY for appreciating my poor SSS shots as we have now winter and have a poor sunlight.
    Always stay tuned!

    Re: TwinkleStar

    What a shadow can make, huh? Cool that you can pop over in here!

    Wish you good luck to join my surprises!

  32. Ohhh I love these photos Richie!!
    You look great!! I love your Santa and the birdcage is so nice♥♥
    Have a nice week my friend, hugs♥

  33. Your scenic sunday shot is really grand! Beautiful!

  34. The snow looks so beautiful. It is so hot here now! I love that your blog is always unpredictable & shows us all who you are. Keep posting whatever inspires you. Have a lovely day! Amanda x

  35. Sending much love and blessing on Thanksgiving time..I realize you don't celebrate, but thankful for your blog..xoxoRosebud.

  36. Hojho.....
    Det finns nått hos mig.
    Kramen Synne.

  37. NU är inlägget klart. så skynda dig...
    Har sagt till maken att du vil praoa. Det var helt ok hahahaha....
    Så kom du bara, men ta med maken och dotter med då.
    Det ska bli kul.
    Kramen synne.

  38. Richie, don't change a thing on your blog!and keep posting whatever inspires you. I like to revisit your blog just because its different.
    Have a great day

  39. Great post. I bet sunshine is a rare commodity there now! Thanks for your visit.

  40. hi there! that santa gift looks so cute :) wish we could have a little snow in the tropics where i live! it gets a little boring with nothing but the sun all year.

  41. Love the scenic church photo above. And thanks for visiting my blog! Much appreciated.

  42. Sweet shadows shots! I always enjoy visiting your blog because I discover unique things. Always filled with surprises and always enjoyable :)

    Sorry I was late visiting. I've had some connection problems this week.


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