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Jag var helt däckad igår och mådde inte så bra idag heller. Jag känner mig att influenzan kyrper in i kroppen. Huvét kändes stort och tungt. Näsan kliade och bara rann. jag gick på jobbet IAF. Har lite att göra.

Medan vi tittar på CSI, surfade jag runt på nätet och hittade en designer som jag verkligen gillar och den är min stil. Hans design vill man ha och kan dö för... Jag lovar. Vill Ni se?
I wasn't feeling good the whole day yesterday. I was on my bed after an hour sunday walk w/ my hubby, when we came home, I felt that my head will burst into pieces and tummy wasn't funny either. Anyways, although I wasn't feeling good, I went to my work to have some stuffs done. Is it infuenza, striking me now? Lots of people here got this illness and am afraid I catch it, too.

While we're watching CSI Las Vegas, I'm surfing the net simultaneously. I ended up to a designer that really catches my heart. I feel that his designs is my style too. Pls. meet Kevin Hart, my ladies? An East Hampton famous designer. He creates spaces w/ an asian/zen vibe. You can see how he makes natural harmony of space, proportion, color and light. His intension between smooth and rough, antique and modern, elegant neutrals and poppy of colour are so elegant. You think so? Am sure so!!! Well, maybe the reason I fall for his designs is: the asian touché!

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  1. Just beautiful Chie. A subtle mix of Asian influences with a Hamptons touch. Hope you are feeling better soon. A-M xx

  2. I did thought they were zen when I saw the pictures. Love the simple and clean lines :D

  3. Godmrgon på dig.
    Hoppas du slipper influensan och förkylningen.
    Jag börjar bli frisk nu.Efter snart 3 veckor.

    Såg härligt ut på dina bilder.
    Skulle vara nått att ha en designer hemma på besök.
    Dream on....
    Kramen och go bedring vännen.

  4. Ooh yes, I do agree! What a find! I have a few asian pieces of furniture in my house - I think they add something special.
    And thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am enjoying reading yours!

  5. Hope you are feeling better..Everytime the weather changes here..sickness starts, especially in the schools.
    Very nice designs..I use to live on the North fork of Long fact my family goes back to 1640 out there..Hamptons are south fork..

  6. Hoppas Du klarar Dej undan den riktiga influensan, tror inte den kommit till Sverige ännu!

    Tror jag skulle känna mej bortkommen i ett sådan hem, men snyggt är det!

    Kram på Dej, Gullunge!



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