*Inlägg den 20:e Oktober2008
Mörka kvällar och mörka morgnar är verkligen så jobbiga. När man går upp ser man ingenting och när man är på väg hem så är det mörkt oxå!!!

Därför, jag tycker att vi får väl nöja oss med finna lampor som gör livet lite godare. LJUS är viktigt i vårt liv. Tycker Ni som jag? Vi ser inte solen i 6 månader ju. by: Christine Rudolf
by: Kate Hume

by: Bockmanby: Murano
Early mornings and late afternoons is a bit depressing due to lack of sunlight, or it's because it's DARK. People living in north don't see sunlight for about 6 months and sunlight is so important in one's life, right? Therefore, I would suggest everybody to have a good lightning at home.

Maybe you disagree my suggestion w/ my lights...
EHH... chandeliers? maybe NOT... anyhow, it depends your taste though. For me, it's fun having crazy lights. Below are my own!!!
My antique Iranian crystal chandelier
My own brass/mässing w/ glass chandelier
About you ladies? Do you have an unusual lightnings that catches one's eyes & raised their eyebrows? §:-))

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  1. Smiling Hello from Istanbul:)
    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your lovely comment and angelic wish, Chie:)
    Your page looks so inspiring, especially baby-angels flowing down captured my attention, so cute!
    Standing with no light for 6 mos is the fact about north europe, I know. As a crazy lover of sun and summer, I'm afraid I'd not easily adapt its half-dark life existing there.
    Yes, I love chandelier as it reflects the light so beautiful, and gives a classy look to my living room. At home I have two big-chandeliers w/ golden fixtures -like a bit the 2nd from Kate Hume. Takes seriously long time to clean the crytals one by one, poughh... That's the only problem.
    Sending you warm greetings from sunny (+a few clouds) bright Istanbul.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you so much for visiting me!
    I love your chandeliers. And you are absolutely right about the issue of light. Here in Canada, the worst month is February...the darkest one...
    We get a little "blue", so we try to lighten up our homes with light colours.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. I like light..We get dark earlier, but not like you..Around 4:30pm..starts to get dark..Always happy when spring comes..Your lights are beautiful..I just have plain things..nothing as beautiful as yours..Take care my dear friend..Happy Monday..

  4. Good Morning
    I left something for you at my blog

    ...and I love your last entry

  5. Richie , thanks very , very much for your award. I've already, proudly put it on my blog.I guees there was just a little confusion with my name and I did not want to claim what is not mine.Sorry about it.
    You are very kind

  6. vilka fina kronor du visar!! Häftigt. kram och ha en fin dag.

  7. Härliga lampor! Visst behöver man ljus i mörkret!


  8. Hej vännen.
    Vilka lampkronor.
    Vill ha varenda en.
    Men det går inte.
    Har inte så många rum.
    Hoppas du har det bra ialla fall.
    Kramen mig.


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