What a Freaky Friday, I have

Nu är det fredag igen. Jo, jag hade lovat att jag ska bli lite snällare på min fräcka fredag men det går inte. Jag hittar så coola och fräcka saker som jag vill dela med Er?

Dumma mig, eller hur? *fniss Hoppas att Ni förlåter mig. Det är bara att jag vill att alla skrattar för att ha ett långt liv. Detta inlägg kan inte skadas på ngt sätt. SORRY!!!
Dare to this table?
Me no like worms, so who dare?
Dare to sit my cactus meat chair?
Not sure of this... can you tell me?
Buddha? thanks but no, thanks!
Or this chairs while waiting for a haircut... not comfy though!!!

OMG!!! It’s Friday again. I’d promised myself not to be as freaky as I am but it’s hard to be nice all the time, hmmm? I only have a day a week, making a big pain, isn't it? I found so many freaky stuffs that I want to share to you all. Therefore, can't stop being freaky me §:-))

Well, foolhardy or real dummy? *giggles Am hoping you can forgive me today. The reason? I just want everybody wear a smile in your faces even for a short while reading my post. Wearing a smile makes life longer. So, join me w/my freaky finds.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome freaky finds.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Vilka möbler alltså...galet men roliga! =)

    Kram o trevlig helg.

  3. Re: Claire

    TY for dropping by, girl!

    Have a wonderful w/end.

    Re: S!!!


    Sorry! men roliga därför kan inte låta bli.

    kjams alltid

  4. hey there, that last picture is really freaky..wont have me popping over for a haircut. You are fun and its great to come over..at least for some laughs hehe...cant say i fancy the rest of the chairs too but happy to see them. have a great weekend my friend...big hugs :D

  5. you really made me laugh this Friday..What chairs you found..You are so funny..Have a great weekend my dear friend..how have you been feeling? Hope all is well..

  6. haha vilka roliga möbler.hihi.Ha en underbar helg. Här ska badas och ätas tårta. kram på dig

  7. Re: MK

    I agree w/ u too. I let my hair get longer than sitting on that chair. I might think of something though §:)

    Glad to hear from you nowadays. Hope you're well now.

    Re: Rosebud

    Nice to see you smiling this w/end. Love to make friends smile.
    Hope you have an enjoyable days in Hawaii.

    HUGs to U both & enjoy the w/end.

  8. Re: moonlover's

    Ha en underbar helg. Kul att jag ser dig fnittrar.

    kram på dig!

  9. Hello, you made a smile on my face today with those pictures, I love the variety of letterboxes. Have a great day :) Visit me @ http://monikarosecrochets.blogspot.com/ and monikarose.etsy.com
    cya MonikaROse


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