Saturday's Retreat

Nu är den helg igen. Hoppas att alla har en skön helg och ta tillvara tiden med Era nära och kära. Jag vet att andra har lite att göra denna helg. Kanske i trädgården eller med båt som ska tas up.

Nåväl... ta det lugnt mina bloggvänner och ÖNSKAR ER EN HJÄRLIG LÖRDAG!!!

OMGIWE(oh my God, it's week-end). Yeah! hope everybody is in the best of everything this saturday and just having a good time with your families & friends. I know that some of us are a bit busy doing the garden chores or maybe boats to be taken up from where they belong and move in there winter shelters.

Anyways, my friends... just relax and WISHING YOU ALL A WONDERFUL, SUNNY, CHILLY, FOGGY or whatever weather you have this SATURDAY.

A drink won't hurt--- with or w/out spirit...


**Enjoy the sceneries & think that we're all here, chilling OUT!**

7 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, what an amazing view! Gorgeous!

  2. re: Kari

    TNX for peeping back... yes... hw I love to be there sipping my drink and just relax the gorgeous scenery.

  3. Ha det så bra själv vännen, underbara bilder Du bjuder oss på idag!

    Kram //annette

  4. i adore the vieuw and house in that picture and loved to sit there for the weekend! By the way those hidden treasers were way to expensive so I just left them all on the market ;/

  5. Re: Annette & Des

    Kramar på dig min goa vän!


    Shame that it's too expensive hidden treasures. So it's probably old one.

    Enjoy your sunday, lady?


  6. Hej bästa Chie.
    Så fina bilder du har idag.
    Fick en längtan till medelhavets blåa vatten när jag såg bilden.
    Hoppas söndagen varit bra.
    Kramen från mig vid Nuguren.

  7. Re: Synne

    Hoppas vi kan åka ngnstans och bara vara vara §:-))

    Ha en skön dag!


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